By Anonymous - 17/11/2010 18:02 - United States

Today, while working as security for a football game, I told a woman she wasn't allowed to bring her snickers bar into the stadium because no outside food was allowed in. She threw it at my face than tried to spit on me. I hate people. FML
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Dukeje 0

Oh, dude that sucks...i hate most people too. Respect and courtesy to others seems to be a thing of the past.

Dude, this was the best-worded FML I've read in a while. The ending gave me a giggle. :3


sorry OP that's how the world works.

rallets 22

so throwing stuff at peoples faces and spitting on them is ok?

Shhhhhh don't question the Fonz and his wisdom

MissErikaHart 0

well come on op, it's only a candy bar. people like u r douches

you should have tazered her ass

I never said it was ok I was just saying that in the world there will be people that you like and ones you don't it's a gamble on how they act.

if you think this is "normal" then u are the douche. you should have punched her in the face. guaranteed last time she'll pull that shit

itsgen 16

I totally agree would it have killed you to let her take it in? she could have been diabetic

If they were diabetic then they should've said so instead of throwing it at her face and spitting at her.

Seriously? People are attacking the guy for doing his job? no it would not have killed him to let her in but rules are rules and he was there to enforce them. OP, OC...

people can be such dicks/c*nts sometimes

I hate rent-a-cops, makea the world go round...

Dude ignore these retartds down there. Next time kick her ass out. There is no reason to disrespect someone with a gun and a badge. Or just people with guns.

Aksel_fml 0

what are all of you talking about, its a freakin snickers you gotta eat those i would have punched rent a cops and ate it while sitting on his passed out body

Guns don't buy respect, 88. Police or security guards aren't owed respect any more than anyone else. A douche with a badge is still a douche. And op, it's a candy bar, the stadium deliberately prevents outside food and drink because they price gouge people, it's a disgustingly greedy practice. Just let people with a damned snickers bar inside next time.

beastmode21 0

you shouldve kicked her ass out of the stadium

aeshleyrose 6

Riiiiiight. So OP should have risked getting fired so that some extremely nasty woman could have a candy bar. Makes total sense. Him doing his job doesn't make him a douche.

yourlifesfucked 0

How is your life fucked? Free candy, and it's not even Halloween!

Twisted107 4

yeah, and he's just doing his job

yeah, so he gets free candy WHILE getting paid!! that's freaking AWESOME!

154rct 7

hey she just just had a bad day that's what u think on bad days

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Well, at least you got to keep the Snickers bar:D

Agreed - I do the same job, but we're outright told that a single candy bar is OK, a whole bag of candy bars isn't. Snickers are popular with diabetics because they also have a lot of protein, so they often claim medical need anyway. Not that I haven't had someone swearing at me because she couldn't bring her fried chicken in so her kid wouldn't have to eat "stadium crap" or the one that was bringing in an empty SoBe juice bottle (the glass one) because she was diabetic. I've been at this long enough to know when you're lying.

starberries 0

#8, assaulting a security guard seems like a bad idea. Would you have thrown her out of the stadium for this?

#8, I think most people would realise an empty bottle means you are lying

I'm guessing it was not professional sports based on location (if I'm wrong, please correct me). When I did this job for an extremely brief stint, we were told no food but we could use our judgement except when it came down to foods actually sold at the stadium. Professional sports don't often sell candies, school athletics often do. All that is moot, however. I would've ejected her and told her to leave before the police were called. Acceptable, and plausible, bluff.

I hide whatever I have. Slerpies gummy bears hamburgers I can sneak almost anything into one of those places. Anit no way in hell Im gonna pay 8 bucks for 3 chicken strips.

#33 - For the assault, yes - and believe me it's happened and I have - but part of the reason we do allow small amounts of food are to prevent unnecessary interactions. It isn't worth it. #50, you'd be surprised. . .I just used that as an example, but the excuses people come up with are hysterical.

Dude, this was the best-worded FML I've read in a while. The ending gave me a giggle. :3

*Then. Fucking then. ?

Free snickers, and fhl she couldnt sneak it in. xD

Is it wrong to laugh.'s a bloody snickers bar.

cloudy01 0

He was doing his job...

Yay free candy. you should be happy you got candy. :O you should eat it if she looks at you

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Dukeje 0

Oh, dude that sucks...i hate most people too. Respect and courtesy to others seems to be a thing of the past.