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Today, while visiting my mother, she asked my son who his favorite parent was. As a growing boy, he chose his father. I don't mind, except she then asked, "So, whose side are you taking in the divorce?" My husband and I have no marital issues. My son refuses to believe us. FML
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Your mother is despicable. Why would she even do that?

Grauncho 27

She's attempting to plant the seed that will grow into an inevitable divorce. Clever girl.


Grauncho 27

She's attempting to plant the seed that will grow into an inevitable divorce. Clever girl.

Does anyone else hate when you hit ydi by accident?

does anyone else hate when people reply to the first post hoping to get upvotes?

Perdition25 12

She is not clever. This should in no way put a strain on their marriage if you think about it. All it does is make them dislike grandma for having to rehabilitate their son into knowing mom and dad are not going to divorce.

#1 was joking, but I agree. Fuck this grandma.

Your mother is despicable. Why would she even do that?

maybe she's not her real mother, and she's adopted because the mother couldn't have children and now she hates her for having children of her own

Or maybe she is just a spiteful old hag.

Thumbs up for your imagination! Clever theory!

Hey fuck you. I am adopted for that reason.

hey, don't worry about it, people really do need to think before they type.

#57, that offended you? seriously? take the tampon out of your ass, you're off by just a bit.

I can guess which was your favourite parent.

I can guess who is not Ops fav right now.

Is that not what #3 just said? There's no point in leeching off the comment of someone else.

Shootermtd25 7

No shit Sherlock

Yes sherlock does not for this is a mystery for the hardly boys! two young whipper snappers withe a taste for solving mystery. The hardly boys! In the case of the favourite parent.

#38 You said Hardly boys, which made me thing of something else entirely. I laughed so hard my side hurt, kudos to you!

I guess no one hear is south park fans asides from us :(

Pretty sure she doesn't like your husband ;)

Sounds more like her son, since she convinced him he's gonna choose one and since his dad's the favorite...And she just heard that...

Did you read the fml?

So mean of her. Best you and your husband sit him down and let him know you both love each other very much and are definitely not getting a divorce. Poor kid.

aubama_fml 15

At least you won't be visiting her again?

It was OP's mom, not an in-law

aubama_fml 15

still good reason not to visit her

Divorce your mum!!! D:

You can't divorce your mother. No matter what, she will be the woman who gave birth to you.

One day I hope you will realise that not all comments on FML should be taken seriously... Ya bawbag :p

perdix 29

#20, I'm glad I didn't try my "I hope you mean ex-mum" comment. It seems this section is overrun by the humor-impaired, and such an original and brilliant gem would have gone to waste.

Maybe you would have had better luck with the "dump her" comment.

Hah, well Perdix, I started off with negative votes when everyone thought I was actually being serious - I can't believe I had to make a second statement to mention that I was joking! Fickle voters! ^o^

You and your husband may not have issues but your mother sure as hell does. sounds to me like she doesn't like your husband but regardless. You don't say something like that to a impressionable young child.

I bet that if you asked her why she did it, her cheeks would become full red and she would say "For the glory of Satan, of course!" Anyway, that was a really large dick move, very disrespectful. Your mum owes you an apology, a big one! Good luck handling this situation, OP.

I bet if OP threw water on her mom, she would melt. Problem solved.

Jesus, what an awful thing to do! If I were you I would make HER apologize to your son and make things right. Why would she want to make her own grandson unhappy AND try to wreck a perfectly good marriage?