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Today, while vainly running a comb through my balding hair, I noticed a hair sticking out of my nose. I yanked it out, and the pain made me tear up a little. It was an inch long. I'm 24 and beginning to have more hair in my nose than on my head. FML
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  xd0rkiee  |  0

If you think it's so damn easy to find a cure, do it yourself.
You make it sound as if scientists are the cause for you balding. Also, they've been doing research (on stem cells' affect on balding) this whole time so they're not being "lazy."

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

really? my dad started going bald since 14 also. it was some thing that ran in the family that passed only through men, I think that's partially why he only wanted to have girls. he wore a tupai (sp?) (a Whig) when he was in highschool....don't be self conscious ab it I know my dad was :(


41 - a toupee, or a wig : )

To OP and anyone else who's balding, that really sucks. My cousin's thinning at 27, and his older brother has a few light coloured hairs on top of his head. My friend's brother is also starting to thin, and he should be an egghead by 40.


There is nothing to find a "cure" for. It's not a disease, it's something that happens to humans and it happens to some people earlier. You can't just magically make a medicine that makes your hair stay in your head longer. If you think it's just that simple then you go ahead and do it

By  ebbomega  |  0

It's not a FYL as long as you bald graciously. Plenty of men are able to look perfectly presentable to the world whilst balding. Just embrace it - no comb-overs, don't let the remains of hair grow super-long in compensation, no toupees or wigs. Shaving works, or at least keep the remainder short, Picard-style. The ladies will come a flocking. Be confident in yourself and little physical trites like balding are inconsequential.