By chi_chia - 24/03/2011 15:03 - United States

Today, while vacuuming my car, I discovered a hole in the floor under one of the seats. Unable to figure out where it came from, I took it to a professional, who informed me that a family of rats has been making my car their home for the last several months. How lovely. FML
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WTF in your car how is that possible?

I had a family of orangutans living I my car. How did I find out? I noticed the rear window was missing.


hahaha you have rats

Should be grateful it was just rats and not something rats...

Rouuund rats!

u should of noticed

25 - Awesome cat.

maybe they can cook for you? :)

thats actually pretty common. one time i found a nest in an older mercedes and they had chewed a cable and caught fire. and another car was a range rover but the rats were underneath the hood so when the person turned the car on... it was a big mess under there

that's just gross lol i heard that happens to lots of cats in the winter. they get on the engine to stay warm

Cats just lay on the car when they're cold. They don't get inside and they're smart enough to get off before the car starts moving. There is a very simple solution for OP's problem - just park in the sun and let nature take care of the rest! :D

Just be thankful it's only rats and not crabs. Those things are hell to try and get rid of...

the cat thing happened to my mom when she lived in washington. a cat climbed up by the engine of a big truck and got shredded by the fan so it can happen

76 is correct! it happened to me I was on the highway and I heard a wierd sound coming from my engine and it was a cat in there! also a friend of mine found a dead cat in his engine!

:( so sad. i feel so bad for the poor kitties

The cat comments remind me of that scene from Boondock Saints.

wow that is horrible!!!

i live boondock saints! lol i love cats to but that scene is hilarious! XD

It could be worst... Instead of a car full of rats, you could have a car infested with crabs.

That is so weird...

disgusting is the word.

Start charging them rent.

YDI for owning a car

How do you not notice rats eating away the floor of your car.

the hole was UNDER the seat. lol.

So your saying you wouldn't even hear a family of rats within your car.

You might not hear it if you are the type to turn the radio on as soon as you get in the car. I know several people like that.

Wow ru blind or smthn I'm with ths guy it's just ur fault for not check... OR TURNING AROUND!! FYL

What are you saying?

Further more, she'd turn around to see a hole under the seats?

The IQ of this forum just dropped below absolute zero...

Well, she is blonde.

Good point 38

It's nice to finally meet you Charlie. I've heard so much about you.

Please, call me Carlos.

You must be blind as well, as you obviously cannot see the keyboard when you type.

Carlos, huh? When did that start?

Carlos Estevez is my birth name.

I did not know that Carlos. You learn something new everyday.

whoa hold up there Charlie sheen. I'm blonde and I would never say something that stupid. (yes , I'm aware he was joking. don't everybody jump on me at once)

i will jump on you, just me! *wink* *wink*

72- would you rather we form a line to jump on you?

94. win ^ .sorry mrs bunny!! lol

gasp :0 Persian. I'm disappointed in you. >:( you're no longer in my macaroni posse :'(

I'm winning.

NOOOOOOO!!!! please forgive me!!!

Missbunny, have you ever put bacon in your Mac and cheese?

I had a seizure and my IQ temporarily dropped 4 points from just reading this thread. Thanks a lot, you twats.

I lost more brain cells reading that post then I did jumping off the building from commuting suicide from reading this

That's sad. Forest Gump only had an IQ of 75 o.O

i would be paranoidD:

WTF in your car how is that possible?

It happens... I've seen spiders in my car after people have dropped crumbs in it. Nothing like rats, but still.

I had a family of orangutans living I my car. How did I find out? I noticed the rear window was missing.

duuudee, i had a f**kin GOAT in my car!! Who would've ever known?! :O

Well, try having a Charlie Sheen in your car!

is it just me or does 9 look like Rebecca black.. please no one start singing her shit

I do NOT look like Rebecca Black.

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Thanks but I don't think there is a tiny bit of resemblance.

I had a T-Rex & it's family living in my car. I noticed when I didn't find my leftover burger.

thing one time i was driving a there was a scorpion at my feet, i screamed like a girly man, pulled over and jumped over to the passengers seat. i hate scorpions *shutters*

daaaayum das nasty you should have vacuumed more

oh geez nice pic, lovin them abs.

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Well rats, ain't that a bitch.