By chi_chia - United States
Today, while vacuuming my car, I discovered a hole in the floor under one of the seats. Unable to figure out where it came from, I took it to a professional, who informed me that a family of rats has been making my car their home for the last several months. How lovely. FML
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  ydi_4_suking  |  20

thats actually pretty common. one time i found a nest in an older mercedes and they had chewed a cable and caught fire. and another car was a range rover but the rats were underneath the hood so when the person turned the car on... it was a big mess under there

  NeatNit  |  32

Cats just lay on the car when they're cold. They don't get inside and they're smart enough to get off before the car starts moving.

There is a very simple solution for OP's problem - just park in the sun and let nature take care of the rest! :D

  NbrL13  |  2

76 is correct! it happened to me I was on the highway and I heard a wierd sound coming from my engine and it was a cat in there! also a friend of mine found a dead cat
in his engine!

  MissBunny25  |  0

whoa hold up there Charlie sheen. I'm blonde and I would never say something that stupid.
(yes , I'm aware he was joking. don't everybody jump on me at once)

  KaySL  |  24

UH UH, UH, UH UH, today is Friday! Tomorrow is Saturday! And Sunday comes afterwards! I don't want this weekend to end! UH UH UH! UH! UH UH BNN-TSS TSS-TSS BNN-TISS! CAN'T TOUCH THIS, AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' ON THIS SHIT, UH UH!

So uh, if someone could blow my brains out with a sawn-off shotgun right about now, that would be much appreciated, thanks. Werd.

  wisericky  |  12

thing one time i was driving a there was a scorpion at my feet, i screamed like a girly man, pulled over and jumped over to the passengers seat. i hate scorpions *shutters*