By Anonymous - United States - Washington
Today, while using the restroom at my favorite cafe, I fell asleep for 30 minutes. There is nothing more jarring than waking up to the banging of 7 angry, urine-filled patrons viciously breaking down the only barrier between between you and your shame. FML
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By  Sagely  |  19

I didn't know a post could be taken back, edited and then reposted again. I saw this one yesterday and it said you passed out. Mandela effect?

However it does make more sense. If you were passed out you wouldn't be making noise and people may think the bathroom is empty but locked, but if you're asleep and snoring then I can see why an angry line formed. Either way maybe you stick to coffee at home.

By  pinkuser626  |  17

I read this completely wrong and thought it said "urine soaked" and was very confused as to how u peed on everyone through the door in ur sleep