By legwarmer - 31/12/2010 19:21 - United States

Today, while lying in bed with my fiancé, we were talking about how we'd rather die, if given a choice. I said, "I want to die in my sleep next to you." His response? "It'd be sexier if you were on top of me with your face between my legs." Cute, honey. FML
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You're both creepy and weird, deal with it.

it wouldnt be so cute when your jaw closed and locked. chomp chomp chomp


At least he was honest :)

iSitt 0

what if she bites down by reflex?

randiZ25 0

he was honest, and it had something to do with op.. don't see the fml here..?

Then he's f*cked xD

noto_fml 0

agreed I just ain't seeing the FML

RedPillSucks 31

What if she bites down and rigor mortis sets in?

well I guess that is how he dies =D

Somehow, I don't remember men always being perverted pricks like this. I'm sorry the mood was ruined for you, darling.

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I agree

Why do you say darling so much, it's weird.

i know right? even the younger ones are starting to act this way.

'cause women be crazy bitches.

Well, his picture and name is a character from Pokemon. That character tends to say darling a lot too. So, he's probably imitating or he has a similar personality to Miror B.

im sick of men growing up and being douchebags that say fuck in every sentence. what happened to manners in front of a lady and clean mouths seriouly it sucks lol.

Ashley, Don't place all the blame on men. There are a whole lot of women that aren't ladies. These 'girls' go around cussing all the time to show that they are empowered.

35 check your friend zone, I'm sure you'll find a nice guy.

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Honesty in this case might've not been the best. Ha, but he was so I guess that just sucks for you.

>Sucks for you Not quite, reread the FML.

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In my opinion it does suck for her. No need to "reread" the FML.

and how is that working out for ya?

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hahahahahahahhaaha hilarious

ageed. ^^^^^ What she said^^^^ :P

Since he is your fiancé he must be doing something right I'd suppose. Must be joking around then.

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too bad. but it grandpa was just worried about u

I'm not quite sure how to take that, but I think you're on the wrong FML!

Lol yeah wrong FML

Wow, your fiancé has issues.

it wouldnt be so cute when your jaw closed and locked. chomp chomp chomp


Haha! oh wow!(:

But then if she died with cum in her mouth, OP's bf might be charged with murder or at least necrophelia. Not a good situation.