By Anonymous - 25/06/2013 21:45 - United States - Plainsboro

Today, while life-guarding in a 55+ community, I greeted a man by saying: "Good morning Sir!" He responded with, "Cut the shit kid, I'm not that fucking old." FML
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xAkonz 10

Well good morning to you too.


xAkonz 10

Well good morning to you too.

Basic FML commenting rule# Never write LOL, you'll get a lot of thumbs down

1...apparently that old man is Grumpy Gus in that community. I wouldn't need coffee for that job; that senior would wake me right up talking to me such as OP was talked to.

sounds like a Clint Eastwood character in real life.

IworkAt711 14

Clint Eastwood is a badass. This guy is just a dick.

PulseShock 9

I'd hope he'd know that. He's fairly obviously just your average angry Old man, probably lived an unfulfilling life.

Very true, im 19 and customers at my job always call me sir. Its really just a way if showing respect.

MaxPlain69 8

He's rude! If he starts drowning, tell him to suck it up!

Smart thinking! Sucking all the ocean water up will not only save himself, but keep other swimmers away from the dangers of the water!

MzZombicidal 36

Yes. Kill old men for being grumpy. Oh, wait… That would be genocide!

From what I learned on this site,old people are mean. Dont worry OP!

jojimugo 20

Nah .. Old people are ******* crazy and out of control

Old people are just old and they don't give a **** anymore.

Old people are still just people. Sometimes a bit lacking in self censorship but I mean they're not all identical.

I learnt from this site that everyone is mean :)

That's because it's fmylife not lovemylife. It's just like the media, it's only the stupid/mean/crazy people that make the news or get a reality TV show.

Reminds me of that Spongebob episode.

oh yeah, THAT one episode out of the hundreds that are out there.

Oh oh I know this one. It was this episode with this sponge that had like square pants. And the whole episode was underwater. Ya, that one.

#5 it appears you misplaced your comment and intended to reply to #3, hence the confusion. (It's a reference to Spongebob sucking up all the ocean water in an attempt to save Patrick.) At least that's what I gathered since I immediately thought of Spongebob when I saw 3's comment, but I could be wrong.

YDI. You should of said "Shoals my good man, doth thou have a splendid day"

Can't decide if I love or hate old people. Every time I get on here my opinion changes, usually for the worse. They sure are devious *******.

Now days the older generation tend to not want to grow old. They refuse to grow old.

BreynHope 11

Old people.. Either very nice or complete dickheads.