By Malakai - 02/02/2011 05:57 - United States

Today, while in my room sleeping, my little brother deemed it necessary to come in and drop a book on my face. When I sat up with a now bloody nose, he looked at me, pointed, and said "You've just been facebooked" and ran away giggling. FML
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..... That is FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Gonna try that on meg tomorrow morning

Blooman 1

don't do that! you'll make her even uglier! that's not possible...go ahead and do it.

throw a bird in his face and say he got twittered

carpediemryders 0

This is an epic WIN!!! lmao...can't believe it but I am actually gonna use this one.

ifyouseekamy666 0

but 22 haven't u heard? B-B-B BIRD BIRD BIRD, B-BIRDS THE WORD! tehe :3

BlackOpsPWNR 0

wack him with a hard, rubber water tube to the ear and yell at him while he's on the ground and say "I just had YOU-tubed"

Bludmagnus 13

Ladies and gentlemen..... you have just shown how Jackass has made every one of you a bunch of blithering brain cramps. And your parents have every right in the world NOW to whip your asses till you cannot sit down.

miss_cougar 0

Oy I feel so old ! Except one person, everybody here is congratulating the boy !!! I would've kicked his little arse ! But hey, that's just me...

pinkp909 8

I moderated this! :D hahahaha

viper2426 0

No... punch him in the face and say get out of 'Myspace' lmao!

manzylittle3759 6

I hate how people think because they are older they know better. Your generation created the three stooges... Most famous slapstick comedy ever. You are proof of the older generations arrogance and hypocracy and I should have the right to whip your stupid, arrogant ASS!

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davey96 0

I would of kicked him out of the house and said "well this is MY space"

lol I love it! if that actually happened then I would have been a win for you! hahaha

kyliejoann 3

hahahahahahahahaha love it. that just made my day.

oh the ancient art of facebooking. good thing you don lock your door :)

dealerdon 0

I love your brother he is funny