By allbrokeup - 01/12/2012 23:54 - Norway - Stavanger

Today, while I was removing my makeup with my boyfriend watching, he mentioned that he used to think girls were prettier without makeup on, but he'd now changed his mind. FML
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On the plus side, make up is supposed to make you prettier, so you must be doing it right! Lol

To which you reply, "Kinda like the way I've realised size DOES matter."


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And just for fun lets all thumb down this useless comment

Couldn't think of something good to say for first comment, huh? Don't worry, we've all had those times....

That's what you get for hiding your real face to your boyfrien. YDI

Make up doesn't completely change your face.. It's not a masquerade mask

It's not hiding when shes removing the make up.. It's showing how you really look like..

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I totally agree

Where are 1 and 2!?!

12 - I don't see why everyone is thumbing you down, I think you're right. There must be some serious dislike assholes on here today and the past couple of days. sorry.

It can if you really want to, just google those japanese extreme makeup makeovers

Don't worry, I'm sure you're as pretty without any make up on :) your boyfriend should see that

How can you be sure? I am not trying to be mean to the OP, but I fail to see how such words of encouragement are supposed to make anyone feel better when you obviously don't know how the OP looks like.

I said 'as' pretty, meaning that I'm sure her face doesn't change THAT much

I honestly find a girl more attractive with no makeup on always. The self confidence of it glows to me and is a turn on for me. Any girl I have ever been interested in didn't wear make up and didn't need to. They are beautiful without it.

On the plus side, make up is supposed to make you prettier, so you must be doing it right! Lol

It's shocking to me how stupid people are. Some people say the dumbest most ignorant things without thinking. That's why I prefer to stay quiet.

My aunt has a pet goldfish in her basement.

If I were you, I'd wait a few weeks, and then say like "I won't have sex with you until you shave yourself down there, I don't want to feel like I'm riding a caveman" And when he eventually does it, I'd then say "You know what, this is disgusting! I'm feeling like a perv, you look like an 8 year old kid down there, the size and everything!"

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# 20 how about you execute your own motto and stay silent.

You are proving your statement correct, #53. Maybe you should have kept quiet in this case. :)

Actually, makeup is supposed to accentuate your natural beauty not create a whole new face.

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What a dick

I don't like it when people thumb comments like these down... I mean, sure, it's kinda a "no shit" thing to say, but wouldn't thumbing it down mean that you're disagreeing with it? I think it's pretty obviously been established that OP's boyfriend is, indeed, a dick. EDIT: When I left this comment, people were thumbing down #6.

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maybe it was a joke? or he just isn't used to seeing you without make up?

Yes, please. Women have a hard enough time coming up with excuses for dicks in their lives. Insist on your own excuses, when you don't even KNOW the dick...

Sometimes we nonchalantly speak our minds by accident. Hopefully he mentions its being a foot in mouth comment afterwards

What a bastard. Way to make a girl feel insecure. Outside beauty isn't important (although I'm sure you're a lovely person). What really matters is on the inside. I'm sure you're a great person, OP. Fuck what he says. c:

Put make up on him op and tell him it is because you do not want to look at his ugly face anymore.

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I can honestly say, I've never seen a woman look better by putting makeup on. But that's me. Personally, I think it sounds as he worded his statement wrong. If you aren't rich, or can't suck a golf ball through a garden hose, he wouldn't be with you if he didn't find you attractive. I promise

Google "Kim Kardashian no makeup" and your mind will be forever changed.

Yes, because all women wear makeup/don't wear makeup to please men. I wear makeup because I like how it makes me look and it's fun to play with!