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  Today, while having sex for our first time, my boyfriend decided to test out a theory he heard about, that conversation during sex makes it more enjoyable. His way of doing it? He looked me straight in the eye and asked "How 'bout them Brewers?" We're from Wisconsin. That's our local sports team. FML
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The Brewers are in a very weak division. They are 10 games behind the reds for crying out loud. They look nothing like the playoff team they were. I can see how that conversation would have been awkward.

  SeanFredrick  |  3

Well what kind of "conversation" did you expect? If he had said "kinky sex talk" and started talking about 300 lb men running around on a field and in the locker room you could start to worry. But he was just tryna think of a conversation. No biggy.

  xXLenaXx  |  0

So lemme guess, you just lay there and wondered when you could finally go post this? Take the initiative next time. :) plenty of hot things to say in the heat of the moment that are... erm, sexier, than sport... :P

  lilsparkey  |  1

yea but we also have a strong hitting squad. i think if we changed our pitching line-up and got our power hitters in clean up in the lineup with our fast runners on top, we could pull through.

  mak3_1t_ra1n  |  0

92-u no I was referring to number of world series and not a player correct? just checking cuz cardinals r a lil out if the run for their 28th world series. don't feel bad, so is every franchise in sports lol except YANKEES!

  skittle68  |  0

Hmm a friend of mine said he used to have the best conversations with his ex while they were having sex. I can't imagine trying to hold a conversation while my bf is inside me lol. I get way too into it...

  aardvarkish  |  15

YOU!!! Sweet-teets, are becoming a sticky nuisance. Aardvarks PWN hairy-backed anteaters with much more powerful claws and long tongues.

so consider yourself licked. (But not with MY tongue.)

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Having sex alone is new enough.

This wasn't major league stuff, but maybe save it for a time when you're both less nervous, OP. This way you can avoid sports talk and gobfor the dirty, or romantic, stuff.