By Anonymous - 22/07/2010 05:52 - United States

Today, while having sex for our first time, my boyfriend decided to test out a theory he heard about, that conversation during sex makes it more enjoyable. His way of doing it? He looked me straight in the eye and asked "How 'bout them Brewers?" We're from Wisconsin. That's our local sports team. FML
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bmadd 0

don't act like you didn't enjoy it

Yeah, that sounds like a Wisconsin person. he should have been doing you in the ass and said how about them Packers. now then it wood have made sense.


bmadd 0

don't act like you didn't enjoy it

Shookitup 0

mmmm good sex XP

dudeitsdanny 9

I'm sure OP enjoyed it. She's only disappointed he used that team. Girls get off better when you talk about the packers.

The Brewers are in a very weak division. They are 10 games behind the reds for crying out loud. They look nothing like the playoff team they were. I can see how that conversation would have been awkward.

this is stupid, it isn't an fml

Nah, packers are your local sports team! I'm from Wisconsin so I know! :)

booored 0

I definitely agree lol

cantfightfate 0

the last thing I want to hear during sex is anything about a packer. lol

So he get's off on sports. means he is an alpha male. I don't see the fml in this!

Rob207 3

hi!!!! 25

cantfightfate 0

hi!!! 35 lol

TaylorTotsYumm 10

He seems like a very passionate lover. (:

Rob207 3

how are you today 25?

OhWowFYLindeed 0

My sex dream.

how did that get him off? the Brewers lost last night

the best theme to talk about is economic situation in Afghanistan or Africa... you will feel irresistible desire to

tweetbaby14 18

20 I couldn't have said it better

Cheesehead! Twins kick the Brewers in the rear end really hard (trying to keep this PG)

40 looks hott 8)

hotscar 3

#15, how can anyone like the green gay fudge packers???

christa953 12

agree with 20


That's kinda odvious when u tlk about the brewers.

sick bmx picture shot

haha Yankees dissin on brewers I like it. number 28 comin

yea, the cardinals own the division, no big deal : )

Well what kind of "conversation" did you expect? If he had said "kinky sex talk" and started talking about 300 lb men running around on a field and in the locker room you could start to worry. But he was just tryna think of a conversation. No biggy.

BoyFromTheFuture 0

baseball is the perfect coversation piece whilst hitting a home run.

So lemme guess, you just lay there and wondered when you could finally go post this? Take the initiative next time. :) plenty of hot things to say in the heat of the moment that are... erm, sexier, than sport... :P

Notjustanother1 0

ydi for having a bf that that wants to "talk" and not dirty talk while having sex ..... you should of asked "hey how's your mom doing ?"



Trupe 3

Talking about a bunch of large hairy burly men doesn't seem that hot in my opinion......

yea but we also have a strong hitting squad. i think if we changed our pitching line-up and got our power hitters in clean up in the lineup with our fast runners on top, we could pull through.

well I love talkin to my bf during sex:) but dirty you know? mmmmmm fuck now I want my bf!!!! thanks a lot op !!!

Daerauko 0

hahaha yes! i've totally asked my girlfriend how 'bout them dodgers? mid-act! she just found it funny and we continued.

is his sex as good as the brewers?

iamironman97 0

nope, 69. it's gunna be Cardinals number 28!!!!!

iamironman97 0

I mean 11. I was still thinking bout the gay ass Yankees.

twinny_sc 13

Haha did it work?!

I hope I don't get a lot of haters, but GO BOSTON!

cantfightfate 0

Boston sucks!!! hahaha Atlanta braves ftw :)

Daerauko 0

braves suck go giants! <_<

102 nice Go Braves ps ur hot

I say Twins are better than all those teams

JayColt 0

Rangers all the way cliff lee rapes Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

92-u no I was referring to number of world series and not a player correct? just checking cuz cardinals r a lil out if the run for their 28th world series. don't feel bad, so is every franchise in sports lol except YANKEES!

Oh no, my boyfriend was trying to make sex more enjoyable for us during our first time! My life sucks! Seriously, OP, lighten up.

FYL_hardd 0

Is it just me or does 102 look like Carrie May in House Bunny when you turn her picture right side up? Hmm...

yay, milwaukee brewers; beaast. (: wisconsinnn is the besst.

dheinzen2 1

f*ck the Yankees!

Hmm a friend of mine said he used to have the best conversations with his ex while they were having sex. I can't imagine trying to hold a conversation while my bf is inside me lol. I get way too into it...

wooooo wisconsin!!

surfer4ddict 0

that's right tell her about fudge packers that'd turn her on

sweetheart88 0

you don't need to talk.. well that'll come later and you won't need to "try" it :)

I'm sure they do very well in their sport. Be more supportive. or you could just blow him so you won't have to participate in the conversation ;) I like the second one more

Buchitoo 4



cccccccleveage. mmmhmhm

I thought you were the real deal for a second there. Damn.

HonestJoe 0

lol good idea

omega802 0

at least he's trying!

liz_sandoval09 0

Wow that sux op be prepared next time he might dirty talk with u

cute baby

I do that during sex too, but I do most of the talking, cos animals don't talk much.

ever tried horse? :-p

Silkie 0

Are you kidding me? My Siamese won't shut up!

damn he knows how to get a girl going. dirty talk like that has me all hot and bothered.

lol atleast he's trying? fail.

I think I'm having feelings that your sister will piss herself twice a day for the next week. If my feelings don't come true, hers are likely as inaccurate.

DAMN!!! Wrong FML. I'm sure the geniuses among us will figure it out.

onelove222 0

wrong fml dude lol

Merely catching the obvious doesn't quality you as one of the referenced.

THIS is why anteaters &gt; aardvarks :P

YOU!!! Sweet-teets, are becoming a sticky nuisance. Aardvarks PWN hairy-backed anteaters with much more powerful claws and long tongues. so consider yourself licked. (But not with MY tongue.)

Shookitup 0

lmao XD

Daerauko 0

haha unless his girlfriend is his sister in which case you could be right

Yuck, what a turn off. At least he is willing to try new things in bed however displeasing they may be!

dudeitsdanny 9

Having sex alone is new enough. This wasn't major league stuff, but maybe save it for a time when you're both less nervous, OP. This way you can avoid sports talk and gobfor the dirty, or romantic, stuff.

lizadunce 0