By pathetic - Canada
Today, while getting ready for work I realized all my pants were getting a bit tight. When I got home from work I went in to the bathroom and stood on the scale which confirmed I have gained a few pounds. I then realized that I was eating while standing on the scale. FML
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By  penizulaface  |  0

how is this an fml?

it can be easily corrected by sitting by the toilet and jabbing at your gag reflex for a few minutes. hurts like a bitch, id just suggest you dont eat as much and exercise.

but yeah. its not even ydi. its food. not the apocalypse. chillax.

and #5
was he not the one that chose to put the food in his mouth and step on that scale? everyone gains a few pounds. unless hes got a severe ED its hardly that much of a big deal to him that he feels like his life is going to shit.