By jdancerchick - 16/11/2011 13:47 - United States

Today, while driving and singing, I noticed a large fly inside my car. I stopped singing so it wouldn't fly into my mouth. That didn't stop it from flying up my nose, causing me to swerve and drive into a ditch. FML
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Fly 1 - OP 0

Flies are one of the worst creations for sure


Attack of the flies. Someone could make a movie based on this

I bet it's out there somewhere.

Theres Lord of the Flies! That's kinda not really similar....

You should've of just killed the little bastard xD

Damn. Flies are now a harzard while on the road.

Flies have a thing for entering every single hole in human body

No, that's a guys dick you're thinking of.

Sex in the nose...? I don't think so, 34.

If the penis can't get in, the jizz will

Really? There is The Fly and The Fly 2, imdb them...

haha now THATS some funny shit.

*dramatic voice* From the makers of Snakes on a Plane comes...Flies in a Car!

I don't think it was the fly that made you a bad driver. Ahhhhh. Sexist jokes. But no seriously. I don't think it went up your nose and controlled you to crash.

Yeah, watch family guy. You'll learn all about ear sex.

Pretty sure it cant control your arms if it flies in your nose.

Fly 1 - OP 0

I was going to say that :(

Flies are one of the worst creations for sure

Yeah they're ridiculously annoying and carry countless diseases, but; without flies, the world would be littered un-decayed bodies of dead things.

Lol wouldnt the world show its real face then? :) though the truth stinks and is an eye sore. That is why people dont like the truth

8: It's not flies that do this. The bacteria in the soil and the enzymes existing in the corpses do this job. Flies usually drink humans' blood.

They take a lot of shit...

Watch Forensic Files. You'll appreciate flies a lot more knowing some murder crimes were solved because of those pesky little bugs! (:

30- I hope that was an attempt at a joke 0.0

Every time a fly lands it pukes. Isn't that just beautiful?

The only things worse than flies are mosquitoes.

What about cancer? Or AIDS? Or ALS? Or, if you meant only insects, what about wasps? Or black widow spiders? Either way, I think you may have jumped the gun.

Wasps and spiders kill flies.

Not to mention spiders aren't insects

I love you

You look like a batty boy!

To bad nobody loves you

That sucks for you and the fly. You swerve into a ditch and the fly ends up in a deep dark hole.

Flies can be so nosey.

The fly found your weakness.

Were you singing "Jar of Hearts" and crying because your girlfriend just broke up with you?

I once had a bee fly into my mouth while riding a bike. It stun my gum pretty bad.

Cool story bro