By jenabp - United States
Today, while changing my clothes, my 3 year old daughter informed me that I looked like a zebra. Noticing my shocked face, she tried comforting me by telling me I was a pretty zebra because I was a purple zebra. She was talking about my stretch marks. FML
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  Bees_fml  |  0

"Today, while changing my clothes, my 3 year old daughter..."

(Should be "Today, while I was changing my clothes, my 3-year-old daughter...")

By  0opsie  |  6

FYL for having stretch marks. But your daughter sounds so sweet. At least she tried to make you feel better when she saw you were hurt.

By  KingDingALing  |  9

I'm waiting for someone to say "Kids say the darnest things."
Jesus! Think of some new material, people! I bet Zebra lady could come up with something better then that! Sirin could make an awesome comment change right after she whips out her big, humongous, large, throbbing....
What were you guys thinking about? You guys are SICK! And when I say "sick", I mean sick on a whole new level!

No, I'm not on drugs right now.