By 4_and_20_blackbits - 26/08/2013 08:38 - New Zealand - Christchurch

Today, while baking, I was joined by my roommate who doesn't really cook. I was making a batch of dough and she volunteered to help. After showing her how to knead, she really got into it. Afterwards, I asked why she wanted to help. "It really cleans my nails", she said. FML
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That is absolutely horrendous. FYL

Make her eat it all.


That is absolutely horrendous. FYL

Your profile picture goes with this OP's baking perfectly.

Make her eat it all.

I would. What a little shit bag. I would be pissed!

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Nailed it

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cool story bro

This is why I don't bake. Something is bound to go wrong everytime.

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That is quite a specific reason to avoid baking.

If you're the one baking at least you can clean under your nails. If someone else bakes it, who knows what's in it. :-x

Well that was an asshole move.

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It's not about the taste, it's about the hygiene.

always make sure someone cleans their hands really well before letting them help. it might not have been a perfect prevention but I feel it would have been a bit better

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Gives it that extra kick

I wouldn't eat that. However I'm sure your sister will feel obligated to eat her own nails and watching that should be interesting.

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Roommate, not sister.

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