By Are you kidding me? - 09/09/2013 20:51 - United States - Kansas City

Today, while at the zoo, I found out that the rhinos there can pee backwards, while standing directly behind one. FML
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Golden shower!!!!

Two peeing FMLs in a row. What are the odds?


Golden shower!!!!

It's okay OP, it happens. I thought the " You may get Wet" sign ment the tigers would splash me, but I ended up getting pee'd on too. Just lettin you know it's not as uncommon as it sounds :p

actually, rhinos don't pee backwards. that was probably spray, which they do to ward off enemies. still pissed they stole my methods.

Ward off enemies? I swore it had to do with marking territory. Don't worry OP, you're the rhino's new walking marker ;)

CaptFuzzyNippl_2 16

Random animal fact 2:when hippo's poop they swish there tails and fling there shit everywhere you gotta watch out for that as well.

46 - There's actually a video on Youtube of this. It's appropriately called "hippo butt explosion".

SwaggCapone 11

60- I need to go check this out

Two peeing FMLs in a row. What are the odds?

We should petition the mods to move the parrot FML so we can have a hat trick.

perdix 29

114:1. Next question?

Three consecutive FMLs on bowel movements? Ah, if only life was that grand.

perdix 29

#20, bladders aren't bowels.

Hey OP! that's no way to describe your wife

Since birds urinate and defecate in the same splort, it would be three urine stories in a row.

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\ 28


360 degree penis

thats a circle... im sure you mean 180

Hahahah thanks for that image. 360 no scope piss sprinkler. Oh dear god that'd be awful. I'd hope that no one's piss can do a 360... You'd literally have to have a cup on your privates every time you pee 0.o

Who said that it can't pee in a circle?

animals sure know how to piss people off sometimes lol

In this case OP was both pissed off and piss on.

now you can take the great smell of the zoo with you.

Thats a pissie situation srry op

Spider_Web 11

That doesn't even make sense

MoronsAccount1 12

Everyone's getting pissed on today. I almost feel left out.

so parrots shit horizontally and rhinos piss backwards? I've learned two new things today

perdix 29

Good thing it wasn't a parrot! That shit woulda hurt!