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Today, while at a school anti-drugs assembly, the speaker asked everyone to stand up if they knew someone who had died of an overdose. As I stood up, my friend hit me in the side, making me laugh. I stood frozen under accusing glares while the speaker bitched me out for a good 5 minutes. FML
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  HateyMcHater  |  4

Jgotty, if you line your body up directly behind the weapon, the shock of firing is absorbed better and you move less, improving your aim and maintaining your sight picture. Good comment, though.

  michelleJ11  |  25

196, it's not too funny for the families of the user that had to suffer through their drug use & deal with their death. Also, if the user had children, they probably wouldn't enjoy growing up around that; drugs and alcohol can permanently screw up a child. Did you ever think about the fact that the users parents could've been addicts? The user could've been traumatized from what he/she would've seen at home as a child and might've needed something to numb the pain. They weren't intending to be like their parents, but a majority of the time, it turns out that way.


exactly. OP shouldve cryed after the lady was done bitching and tell her that her friend hit her on the side and that the speaker has disgraced her dead friend. also ops friend is on crack

  DocBastard  |  38

I know I'm feeding the troll here, but I just can't help myself.

Jizwold, do you get off by insulting 4-year olds? Do you derive some kind of sick pleasure from insulting a little girl? Do you go to the playground and tell little kids that they're fat and ugly? Or do you just do it from the comfort of your little anonymous FML account because you feel you're can be a badass?

If insulting a preschooler is what it takes to make you feel better about yourself, then you are truly a pathetic soul.