By ardenm - 12/02/2009 05:45 - United States

Today, when I tried on a pair of pants at the mall, I asked the salesperson if I could have the next size up. She informed me that there wasn't a next size up. I have to LOSE weight to fit into the biggest pair of pants the store makes. FML
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yeah.. you could've also prevented this.. it would have been weirder if you couldnt fit in the smallest size..

Take a 20-40 min walk every day and lose some weight... for your health's sake.


lose weight I have no sympathy for you Its not my fault your idea of an appetizer is a big mac... and to others HOLLISTER does NOT make small sizes... size 12 IS a huge size

Not ever fat person is fat because of eating too much. Some have health problems that prevent them to lose weight and even medicines can cause weight gain. And there are a lot of "fat" people who develop eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia but because they're "fat" no one notices. Being fat doesn't always have to do with eating and being lazy.

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Maybe you should work on that...

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not that i don't agree about fatty-put-the-fork-down, but some people are legitimately just bigger... it's hard to know without seeing them. and, #29, hollister does make smaller sizes than most clothing stores. i'm a size 4 and i can say that. go back to middle school, when hollister was actually cool.

Welcome to the world of real sized people.

wow, a lot of people here hate fat people. it's funny i think you're being dicks for telling her/him to go on a diet. i was fat for a while and when people mock you it only makes your life harder

wow people can be such dicks. I personally am a size 16, but I don't look like it. People are shocked all the time when I tell them what size I wear. And it's not because I'm obese that I wear a 16. It's because I'm healthy, and it's because I've got really wide-set hips and broad shoulders. Not my fault. So until you know someone or their story, don't judge. Because then you just sound like the biggest dick in the world Don't worry about it, you're just normal, not overweight. Some stores just have ridiculous expectations...

ya. or he/she's a huge fat-ass.

Similar situation here! I have to buy bigger sized pants because of my thighs. My waist fits nicely but my thighs don't...

:( sorry, didnt' mean to hit the "you deserved that one"...

YDI for being a fat bitch? Maybe thats a wake up call, go run you fucking cow. You fucking suck.

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Why can't we let people just be okay with themselves? Stores or just us, people?

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Instead of complaining exercise. But if you dont do anything about it but complain then YDI.