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Today, when I came home from work, I saw my wife in nothing but black boots and a Santa hat. My boss and coworker were with me. I now have guys wanting to have a threesome with us. FML

By embarrassedhubby / Saturday 18 September 2010 03:48 / Canada
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  Lukee  |  0

I'm pretty sure when most people have other people home this is not a common phone call "hey babe I'm bringing people home, hope you're dressed love you"

  WolfsGuns  |  0

op, learn to counte with me. there is you which iz one, your boss which iz two, your coworker which iz is three, and ur stupid wife who forgot ur bringing some1 home, and i think dats four! its a foursome! :D

  nyrangers1022  |  6

why would u be embarassed if ur wife is hot (assumin bein ur co workers wanna bang her to). but i dont get why guys would wanna have a 3sum with another guy, jus the thought of accidently touching shafts is gay, lol

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