By Anonymous - 26/08/2009 20:05 - United States

Today, we had bingo. Three rounds into it a group behind me started to yell, "BINGO, BINGO!". I looked around and saw no one was coming to verify that they had a bingo, so I turned around and said "Stand up." The girl was a midget, she was standing up. FML
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She's not a midget! She's fun sized.


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Yeah unless you're like 60 or older, playing bingo equals instant ydi

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lol how terrible. its not much your fault though, she should've stood on a chair or something

screwtaylor 0

She's not a midget! She's fun sized.

MIDGET BINGO!!!! your life is not ******. I repeat, MIDGET BINGO. travel-sized fun :3

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Oh, man. Well, there's no way you could of known. I would of done the same thing, I mean, how are you supposed to see her? It is kind of embarassing, but it's an honest mistake. I don't think this is an FML.

FYL. You can't possibly be at fault for that. But man, that's harsh. FHL.