By Anonymous - 26/08/2009 20:05 - United States

Today, we had bingo. Three rounds into it a group behind me started to yell, "BINGO, BINGO!". I looked around and saw no one was coming to verify that they had a bingo, so I turned around and said "Stand up." The girl was a midget, she was standing up. FML
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Did she use her big girl voice?

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She's not a midget! She's fun sized.


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...yeah, what #29 said

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Yeah unless you're like 60 or older, playing bingo equals instant ydi

That's what I thought!

Ouch. Did you say sorry? (:

CheshireHalli 19

Oh wow... That sucks...

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ahaa small people these days

Did she use her big girl voice?

lol how terrible. its not much your fault though, she should've stood on a chair or something

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She's not a midget! She's fun sized.

no1askdu 5

like a snickers bar

when it comes to candy, fun size isn't fun ITS SMALLER! ITS LESS CANDY!

MIDGET BINGO!!!! your life is not fucked. I repeat, MIDGET BINGO. travel-sized fun :3

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Oh, man. Well, there's no way you could of known. I would of done the same thing, I mean, how are you supposed to see her? It is kind of embarassing, but it's an honest mistake. I don't think this is an FML.

yeah totally not an fml

The dirty images that come to mind...

FYL. You can't possibly be at fault for that. But man, that's harsh. FHL.