By blububble412 - 22/01/2015 03:46 - United States - Sierra Vista

Today, we had a drug search at school. After the search, we went back inside. My bag was open, and my lunch was gone. FML
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Thanks for supporting your local police.

That's why you don't take powdered sugar to school, kids.


Thanks for supporting your local police.

Shadowvoid 33

Hey, the dogs need a lunch break too, I suspect them

Unless it was donuts. : )

Hey, at least they didn't leave a note complaining about what OP had for lunch and offering suggestions for the next search.

I hope that you at least got an IOU

The dogs must have been hungry little buggars

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

food fuels knowledge. the dogs have to reboot. buggars... i love that term for them lol

Why is everyone assuming it was the dog? One of the officers could have got a little hungry on the job lol

I think #2 was referring to the officers.

That's why you don't take powdered sugar to school, kids.

#13, sister's father? So your dad...?

Perhaps #13 was referring to a half sister or step sister. I have a half sister but I just usually refer to her as my sister.

Ahh, well food can be classified as a drug..

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

very true.. that's why obesity is so high in the U.S. gotta learn to say no!

Maybe the dog smelled it and was hungry. Must have been a hell of a lunch.

drug safety over a mere lunch any day!

HeadlessSparrow 20

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Does it matter what it was? All that matters is that he had no food.

Sounds like the drug dogs were still in training.