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By Bro - 17/12/2018 22:00 - Japan
  Today, it was the first time my husband came since getting a vasectomy. Not a big deal, except he didn't tell me that it’s common for men to pass out the first time they cum after the surgery. I thought my husband died from cumming for a solid minute. FML
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  simmpandher  |  24

HAHAHAHAHAHA cumming or going 😂😂😂😂😂😂

By  TheDoorman  |  3

Never heard of that one, and wasn't told that after my vasectomy by anyone. Other than mild "bumping sensitivity" it was no problems at all.

By  onceuponatime456  |  16

So much wrong about this post! 1. The first time a man comes after a vasectomy is supposed to be from a hand job so he can get tested to make sure the operation worked. 2. It is NOT common to pass out the first time you come after surgery, not common at all. 3. There is no way in hell he came for a full minute. 4. The post sound like absolute BS!

  Daddy Silk  |  2

Well I'm assuming that op meant she was worried for a minute, that her hubby had died after he came. missing a comma is all but yeah, it changes tbe meaning of tye sentence.
Also, no, you're meant to have up to 20 ejaculates in 16-20 weeks to "clear out the pipes" before having a sperm check done to see of it worked or you'll have a fale positive.


The post isn’t missing a comma, but the words need to be moved around. The last sentence should read “I was worried for a solid minute that my husband died from cumming.” OP split up the verb and it’s descriptor, which is a big no-no (for this reason).

By  CurmudgeonCrunch  |  7

This is bullshit. It only takes a few days to heal up enough for sex. You can continue to have sex (and are encouraged to, in order to flush the system out), just using protection. And it only takes 4-6 weeks on average to have a fully clean ejaculation after surgery.

Not to mention the idea of passing out being considered a common and natural response. Complete bullshit.

Source: My vasectomy and the mounds of reading I did about it.