By EffinAhole - 03/10/2010 04:27 - France

Today, to spice things up a bit my wife and I were having sex in our kitchen. She was up on the counter and I moved her over to get in a better position. The stove was still hot from dinner so now my wife has a burn that looks like a double rainbow on her ass. FML
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Was the heat... SO INTENSE?

jaderrrx3 0

I think it's more like fuck her life.


Agreed but HAHAHA. So screwed xD

Maybe he does deserve it but... DOUBLE RAINBOW!!

that's awesome!!!

double rainbow all the way across the ass!

Oooh. Double rainbow. Of COOKIES!?!?!?!?

DarkWaffle 0

I think its starting to look like a TRIPLE RAINBOW *cries*

KingDingALing 9

44- Hahahahaha! That's the first thing that came to my mind to!

How is this an FML? It's amazing! You just got two pots of gold!

Oh, man! It's a double rainbow all across the sky!

I'm seeinngg doubblleee

woooaaahhh double rainbow what does it mean


yea #44 just stole that line from #24...bitch ass can't even come up with his own joke!

Jessi2487 0

double the rainbow double the fun?

green_eyes124 0

It's so bright and vivid!

this FML looks repeat

did she died?

I guess it's time to taste the rainbow.

oh shit at least u kept the bitch in her rightful place... the kitchen

damn thats hot!(pun! i think?)

DaleksAreEpic 0


wtf man people make food and eat there....

Was the heat... SO INTENSE?

omg a double rainbow omg omg omg


What does it mean?!?!

Sun_Kissed18 25

All the way across her butt!

weavermycutecat 0 bright so vivid....double rainbow double intense...

oh my god,...look at that raiinboow

caramelluv 0

aw ur adorable

lmfaoo reminds me of tosh.o

o yaaaa!!!! that's....HOT

aaaahh 0

intense like camping?

whoisthisgirl 4

psht it was on raywilliamjohnson first. tosh.o can suck a dick

AceArctic 4

Oh my god it's full on!

ThatOneDouchebag 0

Fuck Tosh, it was on RWJ like 2 months earlier.

Fuck you Daniel Tosh is a saint.

UnicornsDoExist 0

Oh, damn, I hope you apologized like crazy

Yeah I hope he did too, if he didn't then she will give him a reason to post on fml. Also, more like F anyone who has ever eaten at your house's life... come on.

or anyone who WILL eat at op's house :/

That's where his wife should be! BAM

jaderrrx3 0

I think it's more like fuck her life.

randomchickkk 0

that's what i was thinking

maybe she's into masochism

or maybe just fuck her lol

12haarek 5

oh my god, a double rainbow :O

DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THe WAY ACROSS THE SKY!!!! What does it mean?? Bah haha aha hahahahahahahahahahaha Tosh.O FTW!!!

factioncoalition 0

And for that we thank you

#5 No. Ray William Johnson ftw. Everyone knows internet killed television. :)

Im_Russia 0

^^ to true

Tosh.0 and thebestpageintheuniverse >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ray William Johnson

christian50 0

gotta love Tosh.0

I second your quote #5.

Tosh.0 does all the stuff RWJ did only way later. Coencidence?

Both of them are annoying fucks who must reiterate the Internet to the uneducated.

dear number 5, your amazingly hot just thought you should know. c: love from me(:

I had a feeling all the YouTube nerds would comment on this comment. and nononononononoo RWJ FTW.

Schmoyoho, accent on the yooooo!

not even Freeze could put it out

not even something really cold could put it out... you know like ice or something.

shut up and eat some pizza

and then some hobo was all like "DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!?" and started crying

Beat ya! ha!

I came here just to post this

Today, I burned my ass while having sex on the stove. FML

JoeyxCloud 0

haha ur pic ftw xD

this is one fake fml unless she cooked dinner then said f*#k it it wouldn't would have cooled down before they got done eating and it would have been a upside-down rainbow or full circle if they just went at it so fake

killab420 0

Woooo Oooo Oooo, this sex is on fire.

sounds fake to me. already seen this once here and there was a video of this scene on youtube which was a commercial...