By Anonymous - United States - San Francisco
Today, through a mutual friend, I met the girl of my dreams. After flirting and exchanging numbers with her, my friend confessed that she's liked me since the day we met. Now the girl of my dreams doesn't want to pursue a relationship with me out of respect for our friend. FML
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By  mariusakke  |  15

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  Bibblejomin  |  18

He may have worded it like a complete moron, but he's still telling the truth. It's definitely not something all girls do, yet I've seen plenty of them pull this stunt before. If I were the OP, I would just talk to dream girl and disregard the friend's apparent feelings for him. If it's anything like what I've seen in the past, she only said that to keep OP in her pocket and doesn't really have feelings for him. If that's not the case, then damn. FYL.

  doemetoch  |  28

The girl OP likes might just not feel comfortable dating him, knowing how her friend feels about him, even without her trying to get in the way. Depending on how close they are as friends, and how serious the feelings are, I can totally understand that, I would feel horrible about dating a guy a close friend is madly in love with, even if the friend in question would tell me she'd want us to be happy.

  catherinecas  |  30

It depends on how close the girls are in my opinion. If I had been talking to my best friend about a guy I liked for awhile but didn't tell my feelings to (for various reasons) I know she'd feel uncomfortable about dating him.

It also could be that the dream girl doesn't want to fuck up her newly found friend group with dating drama. It's a similar reason to why I have a policy not to date friend's siblings: if I have a nasty break-up with them how would that change the dynamics of our friendship?

  PhoebeBuffett  |  13

Last year, a good friend of mine started dating the guy who she knew I'd liked for a year and a half, and lemme tell you, it absolutely sucked. They broke up at the end of the year and decided to go for it again, and this time, they are much more comfortable with the PDA. It doesn't bother me as much as it used to, but it's still a little uncomfortable. So I totally respect what you said, I just wish it had been that easy for me.

  GrapeJuice67  |  17

She confessed her feelings. You don't reciprocate them. There's no easy way around this situation, but this is a silly reason to not date someone (i.e. Crush wants to avoid 'drama' which won't happen if everyone's an adult about it). I just...ugh. OP your friend is super shitty. Just preventing you from dating the current girl you like by confessing RIGHT. AFTER. all that went down won't make you like her any more.

  jstone89  |  13

Okay.. so the one friend would feel awkward about dating him knowing her friend likes him...sure.. but you know the other friend would be like YESSS... if he asked her on a date.. even though he likes her FRIEND and she likes HIM.. how selfish to get in the middle of two people that like each other. Count your losses and find someone else to date. He doesn't like youuuuu.. lol

  Unlucky1232  |  20

the girl would potentially ruin the friends chances. Thats the logic behind it

By  rldostie  |  19

I think some honest conversation might clear this up. Talk to your dream girl and explain that you don't have feelings for your friend. Explain to your friend that you don't share the same feelings and that you like someone else but you still value your friendship. If your dream girl feels the same for you, I'm sure it can be worked out. If not, then she's using it as an excuse and sorry, OP.

By  Kataphrakt  |  16

This hits to close to home. I once knew a guy whose drunk wife stopped him from every having happiness in life. He tried to divorce her but no one would help. Then he got into some union trouble. His name? Stephen Blackpool

By  ApplePie1994  |  27

It's possible that she tried to get the edge in before her window of opportunity closed, hence her timing. I did it myself once, it actually worked in my favour. Be gentle towards her.

  doemetoch  |  28

If you think it's normal to "not give a fuck about" your friends as soon as you like someone, you might not be very good at this whole friendship-thing.