By POP101 - Canada
Today, there was this girl in heels running in front of me at school, and she slipped on ice. Trying to be a hero, I dropped my backpack and ran up to help her, but ended up slipping and landing on her leg. As I walked back to my backpack, I found out I dropped my laptop and broke it. FML
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  Ravtaz  |  0

idk what kind of men you know but I have great respect for women and don't just think of them sexually. And I know I'm not "one of those few caring men" because most my male friends are like that too.


CallMeHush, I don't think EVERY man is that selfish. But, be honest, how many men would act as chivalrous as OP did without that kind of motive? I think what OP did was selfless and genuine, but not many men would help that girl without selfish intentions.

  CallMeHush  |  0

Mermaid, of course you are pretty much on target, I was just having fun.

For the record, I'll do good deeds because it is the right thing to do. That is just the way I was brought up.