By Anonymous - 26/05/2009 21:37 - Germany

Today, there was a a huge storm. There were no buses so I walked for an hour to see my boyfriend of two years who (usually rather the unemotionally type) had called me, crying. When I got there soaking wet, he told me that he doesn't love me anymore and this makes him sad. I had to walk back. FML
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he couldn't have just told you that over the phone? and if he doesn't love someone who's willing to walk an hour in stormy weather to see them, then good riddance to them, find someone who'll apreciate you.

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#11 said it best. FYL indeed, you deserve better.


fyl edit: resisting urge to right first. oh and btw #2 you fail

1- 1. you wrote first 2. fix your grammar. its write not right 3. she didn't know he was breaking up with her. How's it a fail?

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Second =]

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Another great reason to relegalize midevil torture instruments.

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you deserved it for not putting out more

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third =] aww he was prob drunk if he isnt the emotional type

k so... LOL. & #3 is genious.

pour a bucket of water on him

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#1 fails for not writing first and spelling "write" incorrectly. And #3 is probably in need of a harpooning


..... sound fx ftw

think of it as good exercise