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congrats, your now a certified tard.

ahhh lmfao sorry that one made me laugh


ahhh lmfao sorry that one made me laugh

Wooooow... epic fail.... 

Ajjas013 6

Are you blonde?

WOW, lmao. ur smart ;)

smartie pants 8-)

LOL!!!! Funniest one I've seen in a while! You dickhead!

i'm a blonde. and i'm not that stupid.

haha you suckkkk

at least you didn't call some super-expensive repairman

thank you for informing us.

haha loser

Has nobody realized that this is a repeat?

I think the another fml had something to do with an iPod and headphones plugged in... so mostly the same

you must be blonde

And you must be beautiful, ;) hehe. But seriously that was an epic fail :P

congrats, your now a certified tard.

Resist sexist remark...

how the fuck is this racist or sexist?!

Learn to read dipshit. I know you women hav a hard time with logical though, but god damn...

The ironing is delicious.

Jesus Christ. Not helping.

lol, rota's the master of dipshit

In that case. It's a woman from New need to say more

Lol I did that once... But the headphones was the first thing I checked...

so, where are all the "Today, I got diagnosed with cancer. FML" fmls?

Cancer was cured yesterday.

#12 the hospital

yeah... you deserved it... and probably shouldn't own a computer ^_^