By Anonymous - 13/05/2013 12:01 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, the regional manager of my company came out to do some performance reviews. I was so nervous that my palms were sweaty, and when he reached out to shake my hand, I blurted out, "I'm sorry, you made me wet." FML
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And you got a promotion, right?

uh-oh. he wasn't too hard on you, was he?


And you got a promotion, right?

As the office slut, that's her promotion.

That's when I jizzed...on my hands

@23..still hella embarrassing if it was a girl xD could be taken as a bribe-flirt

Well that's one way to get promoted

It looks like you need a helping hand...

What's up with this site and puns?

It's fun to pun! And sublime to rhyme!

Just correct yourself. He'll think you're more weird if you say wet than if you said what you meant.

Aww, you made me ink!

Even clarifying things won't fix your mad lust for him.

Whatever made you think that

Just the fact that he was in quite a...slippery situation.

uh-oh. he wasn't too hard on you, was he?

Let's also hope he didn't have a hard on for you.

#13: Thank you, Captain obvious. Here, I bought you a clue.

Augh, the clueless ones always ruin it.

Hopefully the reviewer just brushed it off and graded your performance fairly

Hopefully not to wet

*too. Homophones. Learnt them age six.

He'd probably just laugh if you explained yourself, don't worry

Lubrication provided free of charge...

With a pick-up line like that, I'm sure he'll want to do an in-depth follow-up review of your performance.

I don't know about in depth, but I am certain an oral interview will take place...

#19, I'm thinking the nature of the review will be determined after he asks some probing questions. You don't get to be regional manager with poor decision-making skills :D

What about a practical? Or skills assessment? It's entirely necessary.

Lets just hope the answers don slip out of their grasp...

He'll want the blow by blow details.