By Female - Australia - Elsternwick
Today, the police arrived at my door, telling me my child had been caught vandalizing. A boy who looked about 15 hugged me and said, "Hey, mum". I'm only 26 years old and had never seen this boy in my life. FML
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  AFCA020  |  4

My guess is that the real fml is not this 15 yr old kid saying he's her son, but the cops believing the kid while op is 26... therefore the cops must think she looks a little over 26


I hope if he faked his name he at least came up with something good. My kid brother got caught selling cigarettes to middle schoolers and his fake name ended up being Hancock Rugby, a combination of the poster in the store window next to him and the street sign.

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

21 - There are more dangers than just your name sounding silly. There's a chance of faking your name via your surroundings going horribly horribly wrong, as a certain Pea-Tear Griffin can attest to.

By  strawberrywine22  |  27

The doting auntie in me would have played along to keep him out of trouble, but the soon-to-be mama in me would have played along and beat his ass for the vandalism and the lying! Okay, perhaps that's a bit harsh. Probably just have a few choice words for him while turning him over to his real parents.

By  conholio33  |  28

Did you tell the cops that he wasnt your kid.... They should deal with it if he isnt your kid and take him home where he belongs