By jdch_99 - United States
Today, the pharmacist warned me that my antibiotics might cause slight gastrointestinal distress. The fact that I have been on the john for the past 90 minutes drenched in sweat would lead me to believe our definitions of "slight" are a bit different. FML
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By  Monster27  |  20

Tell him he is full of shit! 90 minutes of sweat and agony is a long time! This is one of those times when you probably ended up naked on the crapper! haha


I would be proud to hold that record. It would probably also mean one of two things you have the worlds longest small intestine or you have enough butt control to never have to worry about being ass raped.

  Welshite  |  39

I love how in commercials they speed talk through the side-effects so that you can barely make out the words, or the extremely small fine-print at the bottom of the screen. I would have thought pharmacists would have a bit more compassion than the commercials and explain the side-effects a little more thoroughly to people. I guess I had too much faith in humanity...

  BunchieRules  |  31

In many cases, the side effects completely reverse what the medicine is prescribed for. For example, there are certain depression pills with suicide as a side effect. Or that FML where OP could either faint or risk a stroke.

  me1983  |  0

The amount of times I've started to explain and people don't give a shit... Too rushed to move there double parked car. If people actually listened! It's no wonder we try and quickly squeeze 5 scone interventions in!!