By uncool - 16/04/2011 06:11 - United States

Today, the only person to wish me a "Happy birthday" was the cop who pulled me over, as he handed me my ticket. FML
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He was doing his job and being nice at the same time. :)


He was doing his job and being nice at the same time. :)

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itz alright OP, itz my birthday as well and my parents seem to have forgotten. -_- HAPPY BIRTHDAY OP.!

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Happy B-Day 45 and OP !! :D *throws confetti in the air* haha .. sorry thats the best i could do lmao

And at least she (op) didn't get arrested! take a note from Monty Python and "Look on the bright side of life!"

it's 9 in the morinning were I live his friends probably arnt up yet

Yeah I know. It's like "my friends didn't get up at 12 in the morning to wish me a happy birthday, FML" -.-

31, 41, 48, It's already a different day. This was posted 49 minutes before the whole birthday ended. OP: Happy birthday.

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pretty big coincidence that everybody he knows for got......

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Maybe some of her friends but not her parents..

Maybe, it's too early. I live in Cali too, it's only 8:11 as of this comment and this post has been up for at least a couple of hours judging by the number of YDI and FYL votes there. So quit complaining OP, you'll get your Happy Birthday.

I'm a person. but I'm not human. I'm a sex machine. but i still forget birthdays.. and anniversaries.. and condoms.. it happens

And that's probably your only birthday present, too. Well eh, happy birthday.

Well, at least you got one. I mean, he could've not said Happy Birthday at all. ;)

That would have sucked if it was your birthday! ;D

hahaha! my husbands uncle is a detective so now he has a really handy gold card. When we get pulled over and the cops check our plates all they say is "Have a nice day!" hehehe

oh yeah and happy birthday, even though they're overrated.

that's why ur countries justice system is a wrought.