By joe - 02/01/2009 11:09 - France

Today, the only man who has ever fallen in love with me is bald. FML
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You're very shallow. You don't deserve him honestly

you don't deserve even him.


look on the bright side: don't have to pay for extra haircuts, extra shampoo; don't have to worry about lice, his hair will never be greasy, and maybe you can stick his head in your cooter

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hahahahahahahahahah cooter. dude i love you soo much greenman

hahaha thats so funni........8 inch wang

This is the funniest comment I've ever read on this site!

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maybe he is a skin head

lol nice but op ure a biatchh

Thank you, Sk00mba, your point is excellently put. And besides, bald guys often look pretty badass. Or like accountants.

lol bald fetish

you don't deserve even him.

You're very shallow. You don't deserve him honestly

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this fucker doesn't deserve love I'm going bald at 16 soo

What's wrong with bald people? Not really an FML.. &Agree with #11: Stop being shallow.. Joe :) -mr roboto

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Well. That^ was meaningful.

It was meaningful, actually. She wrote "so..." When really she meant "so what if he is bald? Maybe he has an amazing personality, maybe he is the best man in the world, maybe he's literally perfect for you. Give him a chance!". You, on the other hand, wrote "well. That^ was meaningful." And what you meant in reality was "well. That^ was meaningful."

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Beauty is only skin deep. Be grateful you're getting some love at this point.

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so... if he loves you why do you care what he looks like?

well atleast someone loves youu !! some people dont have anybody so BE HAPPY WIF WHT U GOT & stop complaining