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  onnielief  |  4

That is just wrong on so many levels! Show some respect for the 6 million people killed during WWII. Honestly don't they teach history where you live?

  onnielief  |  4

I fail to see how the millions killed in a war can ever be funny. Apparantly your level of empathy leaves some room for expansion.
On the other hand, it might be the age difference, or maybe it is cultural.
Nah, you just have no empathy, and your heading the Ted Bundy route.

  tc710  |  0

i don't think they teach history where you live, 60 million were killed in the entire war (mostly civilians) including the Axis and the Allies, 11 million in the concentration camps, of which 6 million were Jewish :)

By  Skellig  |  2

My friend said exactly the same thing to me the other day. =/
Staples to the hand = fascinating conversation piece.

I'm curious as to what makes him a psychopath. Or Nazi-obsessed.
Because it sounds hot.