By Anonymous - 04/04/2015 03:29 - United States - Dallas

Today, the last thing I remember before getting the shit beaten out of me at the bar, was my dipshit brother saying to me, "Dude, I'm not a racist, but" and then ranting about how non-whites should get out of America. FML
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Anytime you have to say "I'm not racist" you're probably gonna end up saying something racist

Hey, its like saying "no homo" before sucking someone's dick.


Anytime you have to say "I'm not racist" you're probably gonna end up saying something racist

I'm not racist, but boxer briefs are the superior undergarment.

I'm not racist, but doctor pepper is the superior soda.

The worst one I heard was "I'm not racist, but if there was only one black person left on earth, I would kill the black person just to make everything easier for everyone."

"I'm not a lawyer, but..."

I'm not racist, but pizza is good.

The best one I've heard is "I'm not racist, but you have lovely eyes." Or something close to that.

I'm not racist but my shadow is black...

What a douche-fuck.

Indeed, what a F**kass...

I'm confused as to why it was your fault

It wasnt... that's why there's an "i agree, your life sucks" button

Because he's his brother's keeper.

Because of guilt by association #3. People will see his fucktard brother and think he shares the same ideals

XD "Dipshit Brother"

Hey, its like saying "no homo" before sucking someone's dick.

Hey now... If you whisper it in the guy's ear first, it's totally straight.

It's only gay if your dicks touch. At least that's what my uncle tells me

Cousin Charlie?!?!?

should have slapped him and told him to stop

Yeah, when someone starts a sentence with that, you know it's gonna end badly.

Ignorance is not bliss

Wow, your brother IS a dipshit. But how did you get beaten up?

You don't just sit there and watch a brother get beaten up.. he probably got in and they both got shredded.

Because some people believe its ok to physically assault someone for saying something they dont like. Racism is bad, but asssulting someone for saying racist things makes you just as bad as they are if not worse.

It's not just as bad. Assault is a crime, while racism is not.

actually, racism IS a crime....its called a HATE crime

Only if you commit a crime motivated by racism. While racism is wrong, free speech is a first amendment right

Fuck your amendment rights. Promoting hate and hostility is not a right!!!

yeah you obviously don't know what free speech is #42...

42: Free speech doesn't cover anything you can say. For instance, it doesn't protect you if you slander, make racist comments, or if you lie under oath (as you have to tell the truth). This is just a small sample of what it doesn't protect.

While you do have the right to free speech under the first amendment, even the right to racist free speech, that doesn't mean that you are free from the consequences of that speech. It's called free speech because you can speak freely, not because your speech is free from consequences

Your brother is an idiot. I hope he was joking because thats a really fucked up way to think.