By notexactly - 29/12/2009 00:48 - Sweden

Today, the guy I like called me, and my mom picked up. Just as it happened I slipped and fell in the shower and was sitting there moaning. The guy asked if he could speak to me, but my mom heard me and answered "Well, she is masturbating right now, but I'll tell her to call you later!". FML
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well...were you while you fell in the shower?

Your mom knows what's up with young people these days


well...were you while you fell in the shower?

frankie1331 0

haha i would say in the exaxt voice like peter does it in Family Guy "aww sweet"

hahaha her mom tought she was masturbing (chris' s voice)

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that is funny but if I was that guy I would probly be like nice

yea guys think that is hotter than hell. I love it when my girlfriend masturbates

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I'd call back in an hour haha

SweetestSin 4

so not an FML just an explanation needed. BTW a lot of guys like girls masturbating so if anything your mom just helped you out a little more

ahaaha the though of my girlfriend masturbatig turns me on :D

Your mom knows what's up with young people these days

namhowell 6

LOL @ your mom.

LOL F your life indeed. But it's weird how your mom knows you masturbate.

THATS SO FUNNY he probably got mad at your mom for not letting him talk to you while you were masturbating

Personally I dont know any Mom who would even say that. I'm having a hard time believing this one. possible? - probably. likely?- I doubt it.

I actually do know a few moms who would do that to their daughter, my mother being one of them. She's done much worse things then this. Things even FML wouldn't believe.

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yea i believe it cause my mom is always telling me how she rather me masturbate then do stuff with guys lol its very ackward!

My dad did that to a girl I like. While me him and my best friend were outside grilling and throwing a football around. Parents do this. It sucks

BrownSugar_fml 5

haha she might have just gotten you a date!!! or that guy will think she wad kidding...