By Anonymous - Australia - Mooroolbark
Today, the doorbell rang. I saw my incredibly overbearing mum's car outside, so I stayed quiet and tried to sneak upstairs. As I crawled through the hallway, commando style, I realised the door blinds were still out for cleaning. If scowls could kill, I'd be roasting in Hell right now. FML
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  mollyjynxjax  |  28

Fail. It's showing possession, and is therefore your. You're means you are.

  twinkletoes747  |  16

I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume 21 was correcting the first "your" which in fact should be you're.
Because " you are" going to miss your over bearing mother.

  noonenoeone  |  22

32, Thank you for failing harder than anyone else on FML today. You've amused me with your over inflated confidence and lack of knowledge. (That's a possessive form of your that I just used so you have reference of how to use it correctly.)

  tjv3  |  10

Well said heylesha ! My mom died 5 years ago and I would do anything to have her back. I have a coworker who always bad mouths her mom and it pisses me off. So the other day while she was complaining about her I had enough and told her that she should be grateful to still have her mom in her life and that she was just an entitled spoiled person

  dakkat720  |  6

who the fuck cares about the grammar... why do you people always pop out to instantly correct grammar. I'll bet rooms go quiet when you walk in.... its because no one wants you to correct them.

  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

Just my opinion but A: you shouldn't just correct people for the up votes. B: no need to be a thunder cunt and try to make a comeback trying to correct a correction that is already In fact correct (checks grammar to make sure nobody tries it on me) lmao

  louiseth  |  9

50, there wasn't a 'lack of knowledge' at all, 32 actually had the 'your' and 'you're' correct, they just didn't realise that 'your' was there twice, and read the wrong one. You just criticised someone for not reading a comment properly, by not reading a comment properly. But that's ok because you've amused me with your over-inflated confidence.

  gribbles  |  12

63 - everyone's relationship with their parents is completely different. Who knows how it was growing up for them, and maybe they have every right to bad mouth his/her mother. Just because they gave birth to you doesn't mean they're a good parent.

I hate the underlying theme that, "they raised you, they gave birth to you; therefore they are amazing parents."

  nightbirdblue  |  27

Look at it this way, at least she doesn't scold you for having a girl over, threaten to ground you for coming home past midnight, or slap the shit out out of you at your own house.


not mom's like that, and i live with my dad on the other side of the planet for a year now...and i don't miss her the slightest, actually the thought of visiting her in summer annoys me...just because she's a mom it doesn't mean she's a good person...i feel you, OP

  chinagirl3343  |  8

Na. Just bc someone gives birth to you doesn't mean they're a good person. Op you should've kept crawling. Maybe she would figure out that she needs to change how she deals with your relationship.

  GAeroNKissR  |  26

#69 Gribbles - I whole heartedly agree. Sure, I miss the idea of a mom & dad, but I don't miss the actual people one bit. & it's frustrating we're told we'll regret it one day - when really it's quite the opposite in that the parents are the one who will regret what they've done to us...even if not till their death bed. Their loss...their burden to carry.

  7722  |  2

#1, are you REALLY stupid, or are you just an overbearing mother yourself? NO ONE MISSES THEIR OVER BEARING MOTHER, even when they are DEAD! SHIT, they will probly even be HAPPIER , in fact, they probly had her killed!! Havent you ever seen the movie "Throw momma from the train"?!?! Over bearing mothers are NEVER missed, AND often murdered , lmao.

  doubleddun  |  9

It says commando style, I think everyone understood what she was saying and didn't need to read your lame joke.

  SMHsohard  |  22

Speaking as a parent, it's nice to see all of the "your mom isn't going to be around forever" comments.

However, I've seen a few friends totally alienate their children because they didn't know when to back the Hell off and let the kids be adults. From personal experience, the reason I went to College 5 hours from home was because it was close enough that I could get home quickly if necessary, but far enough away that my dad couldn't just drop by using the "I was just in the neighborhood" excuse.

  TorturedXeno  |  27

OP's tradecraft and SERE aren't the best, it seems.

By  depocadoll  |  15

This one made me laugh out loud. This is pretty funny. I would have done the same thing, and then tell her to stop dropping by unannounced and to give me the privacy that comes with adulthood. So what did you say? Hahaha

By  JessBassett  |  24

As much as she is overbearing, she probably doesn't realize it and you probably just really hurt her feelings. Remember OP, she won't be there forever! Cherish her while you can, obviously you're lucky that overbearing is a sign of love ahaha!