By Anonymous - Switzerland
Today, the cat climbed up to the spice shelf while I was cooking. As I looked up and told him to leave, he tipped over a chili container which coated my face with chili powder. The bloody pain in my eyes then made me knock over a pot of boiling water. FML
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  mariri9206  |  32

No need to comment it twice, dude.

By  retro_teddy_bear  |  2

To just "knock over" a pot of water is pretty hard. Unless you swung your hand under the handle and then lifted up with 10 or so pounds of force, it would have just sloshed around and slid a little bit, because stove rings are made to be anti-skid. I made an account just to point out the bs.

  mariri9206  |  32

On my stove, my pot slides around when I'm stirring noodles unless I hold the handle, so, no, stove rings are not made to be anti-skid, especially metal ones. The only bs here is your comment.

  DravensTheName  |  16

So you made a new account to point out OP's bs while your own comment itself is bs. It's almost like it's bsception.

And to #9, same here man. Damn thing is slicker than ky

  ashyash90  |  8

I know someone who ran by the stove when they were younger and hit the handle of a pan just right to have it flip and pour alllll over her forearm and cause horrific burns. So....false.

  mfmylifesrsly  |  29

"My stove top is anti skid, so therefore ALL stove tops are like this!"
No, just no.
Also OP could have accidentally pushed down on the pot, which would make it easy to tip.


If you don't hold the handle of the pot you're stirring on my stove, it would be very easy to slide the whole thing right to the floor. It also depends on what kind of pot you're boiling water in. If it's a big, tall pot with the little handles, sure, it's a little harder to knock over, but I don't always need to boil a massive amount water. Many times, I'll use one of my smaller pots which has a long handle. I, personally, am a HUGE stickler for making sure ANYONE using a pot like that never ever leaves the handle sticking out where it could get caught on someone's sleeve or anything else because of the potential to be pulled right off the stove.

I also have a burner that isn't completely flat, so it's already a little tilted in the right direction to slide off. We don't all have perfect stoves.

  zeffra13  |  31

I'd only say it's not OP's fault if OP was using the pepper for that meal, specifically had already used some so it had been opened & was planning to use more which is why it hadn't been closed properly. Otherwise YDI because cats tend to knock things over & cleaning up spilled spices from the stovetop/counter/floor isn't fun. Plus then you need to buy more.