By fmerunning - United States
Today, the cable repairman came to fix my cable which has never worked well. The entire time he was talking about how much extra money he got the "fat bitch who moved here 6 months ago" to pay for her cable. I moved in 6 months ago. I was pregnant. FML
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  DizzyDemon0  |  9

He is a retard. I agree. Report him. You should have told him that it was you..and that you were pregnant. Report him and complain. He will get fired most likely. Some action should be taken.

  Lounia_fml  |  8

And also really obnoxious -.- Anyway, report him, and tell them not only about calling you a fat bitch, but also that he made you pay extra. Asshole isn't even close to describing him. LOSER.

By  testing_fml  |  0

wow. anyway, at least now you know what kind of person your cable guy is...I hope you asked him, how much would be regular price, and how much he got "that fat bitch" to pay. So you know next time.

By  Shunnabunich  |  0

Sounds like your course of action is:
- When he's about to leave: "BTW, I was pregnant 6 months ago. When I moved in." *slam in face* (clearly too late now if you're posting this on FML, but whatev)
- Deduct the extra you paid last time from this time's bill. If they object, you've probably got enough to get the dude fired, if they care at all about their own PR.


I couldn't agree more. I usually dislike those "I want to speak to the manager" characters, but in this case it would definitely be justified.
You don't have to take abuse in your own house, just call his boss.