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Today, thanks to an efficient diet, I reached my target weight. Unfortunately, my chest has disappeared. My boyfriend suggested we have a funeral for my bras. FML

By BrefODM - / Friday 13 June 2014 03:15 / United Kingdom
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  spoo  |  23

Congrats, dont let him get to you. Currently, your chest will not be racing to your feet over the years. You are so much better off healthy

  Helpfulman  |  17

This is what happens to girls. They think they're overweight, even though their body is perfect, and go and diet and ruin their perfectly good body and wonder why no guys think they're attractive anymore.

  ckirksey  |  11

how does losing a few bra sizes make their body ruined. op lost weight like she wanted too and got healthier. you're the problem with this generation, judging by what you see

  HahaNoGoAway  |  11

Maybe if douche bag guys didn't act like we were fat we wouldn't try to lose weight? A lot of girls lose weight to be healthier as well. Are we supposed to be like "Oh I have diabetes and can't run 10 feet without breathing hard but who cares because I've got my DD's right!?"

  Ogodwhyzzz  |  6

Depending on what a person likes it could or could not ruin the body for someone. He isn't the issue with the generation because he thinks their better with big chests.

By  who_else00  |  12

He is an asshole he should apperciate you for who you are not your apperance but good job on the weight loss

  who_else00  |  12

Shiit your right i read it wrong i thought he said a funeral for her boobs

  aruam365  |  24

#3 That's not always the case. I WISH I would lose weight from my chest! Even when I weigh about 110 lbs I'm a very full DD and it looks very out of proportion since I'm so short!

  TheMathMajor  |  26

Well no one HAS to wear a bra (unless they are working out or doing something where they need one to be comfortable), it's just that most women don't like their nipples showing through their shirt :P

  JunglePanfa  |  11

Even walking can be uncomfortable without a bra. It's not all about aesthetics you know... In fact, not at all in terms of most every-day bras. If it were just as painless to not wear a bra than to wear a bra, many women would not spend money on them, myself included! However bras are not merely there for covering up nipples...

  ichi_fml  |  2

If and how much weight you lose from your breasts depends a lot on your breast tissue composition. If you have dense breasts with a lot of glandular tissue and less fat they are pretty much going to stay the same size.

You may even gain cup sizes - as you lose weight from your ribcage you go down in band size and to keep the same cup volume you need to sister size to a larger cup, i.e. from 36B to 34C or 32D. All these sizes have the same volume, just a different ribcage proportion they are designed for.

By  MzZombicidal  |  36

Congrats on the weight-loss, OP. Don't fret about it too much, just be proud of yourself. :) He was a jerk for even taking a bash at your self-esteem like that.

  ElricMustang  |  23

It's not his fault if she did, and you really don't know how he said it to begin with. If she did get offended, she can just tell him. The FML is based more on the fact that she lost them, not the joke.

  aruam365  |  24

I kind of doubt if his penis suddenly became smaller she'd be cruel enough to make a joke about having a funeral for the larger condoms he used to wear. It's the same thing.

By  mpkpm  |  19

Honestly he's trying to tell you to gain some weight. Too light is unhealthy.

  MzZombicidal  |  36

If that was his issue, shouldn't he have said something before the initial weight loss? Also, since when is it so hard to just sit someone down and be honest? I'm sure she'd understand if her boyfriend was legitimately concerned about her health.

  mpkpm  |  19

Since when is it a crime to actually care about a women's weight?! Whether it heavy or light, geez, we can get criticized all the time without repercussions. I say one small thing! Either way! I'm wrong.

  meganlovestea  |  15

Errr I think the boyfriend was making a joke, not hinting at her size. You don't even know how heavy she is or was though. She could be at an average size now after the weight loss for all we know. Losing weight does not automatically mean stick thin...

By  WinterBlue42  |  22

Make him put his money where his mouth is, and invite some people over for a 'bra funeral'. Good job on losing weight though, OP! Nice to see some people are concerned about their health. c:

By  annie_nk  |  22

Try not to pay attention to what he said. Be proud that you lost weight and are in shape. If you really want to get a bigger bust size, we live in an age where there are many ways to increase. So there's that.

  peceout  |  29

Yeah. OP can, for an example go and get breastimplants if she would want that. But she needs to be happy with the way she looks, and if she is that right now. I don't think she should get any surgery. But i hope she make a decision by what she wants and are confident with.

  annie_nk  |  22

Surgery is a huge decision and not practical. There are water bras and cosmetic tricks for a fast fix. There are also natural ways of enhancement that are coming out more and more. A male to female transgendered friend of mine grew a nice b cup naturally. In my opinion, surgery is the last thing anyone should resort to. Except for those who have had a mastectomy. Those survivors deserve a free pair.

  annie_nk  |  22

My transgendered friend took estrogen to enhance. I've heard that when a female takes extra estrogen, it doesn't enhance much or at all. I've also heard different women preach about certain supplements. For some women it works, for some it doesn't.

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