By Hungry Tiger - 25/04/2016 15:25 - USA

Today, Sigfried and Roy annoyed the wrong tiger, again. FML
I agree, your life sucks 181
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tarlax 11

"Triggered"? This is FML, not Tumblr. If you can't handle seeing something unexpected and a little gross, maybe you should quit the internet.

tarlax 11

That's certainly an emotionally-charged argument, and I feel bad for anyone who's experienced actual trauma, but expecting everything to be tagged so as to avoid making someone uncomfortable is frankly unrealistic and stupid. And my comment was mainly about people like #13, who clearly doesn't have trauma issues or PTSD and is simply a whiner who can't handle unsanitized reality.


young_cat_lady 17

It won't let me see the picture...

its a tiger eating something

JustinJK 21


You know it's good because it's not visible

Invisible tigers!!

Cool update, huh? It'd be even cooler if I could see the picture.

None of the pics show for me. Lol

Cool FML, an even more amazing picture. Reminds me of Canada in the winter

Shit, we have tigers here in Canada?! I live in the wrong province apparently. lol

shanewh40 15

The picture came in great for me

What does this even mean...

Picture is great, but it has nothing to do with the post

yes it can you dipstick it's a tiger eating sigmond and Roy or whatever their names are