By awkwardRA - 19/09/2018 03:30

Today, one of my residents was having super loud sex. I'm an RA in a college freshman dorm, and I had to knock on her door and tell her to quiet down. I hate to be a cock-block, but she woke multiple people up, myself included. I live 4 doors down the hall from her. FML
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She must have left Caps Lock on.

She was probably faking it then being THAT loud....


She was probably faking it then being THAT loud....

You've been doing it wrong, then.

You cant tell a fake from real, Travis

So both then? Or did you mean "than?"

Misread your comment. Nevermind.

She must have left Caps Lock on.

I think you mean "AWESOME!".

awildwhisper 30

Next floor plan idea: DIY Ball Gag

"Kel, get me a rope, a tennis ball, and some scissors, and meet me in the bedroom! Come on, Slappy!"

"Keenan! Keenan! hemp rope or nylon rope? I'm only allowed to use safety scissors, is that ok? Keenan! Aww, here it goes!"

Ummmm, wouldn’t this be an FML for the porn star?

What would have been awkward was using your master key to try to get in on a threesome.

You can be as loud as the hell you want when you're making love!

Mungolikecandy 19

You can be, but expect complaints if you are not in an anechoic chamber.

Dude, your parents must have been ninja when they had sex. Unless you're telling us they were loud, too, and you didn't mind.

Maria_Obligacia 14

No you don't. It's generally wrong to be a dick to your neighbors. Being loud in the middle of the night and waking everybody up is inexcusable.

You should have said nothing, it would stop at one time. And then tell her with a note under her door the next day.

Mortoli 30

legendary dick i guess damn. I wish I was big/good enough to make a girl scream half thatbwell .lol

Suaria 38

You can find other ways of pleasuring a woman other than your dick. Get better at using your fingers and/or your mouth on a woman.

Why dont you just learn how to use your dick size properly

Did you tell the other person involved that if she's that loud she's probably faking?