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i can see that name becoming infectious...

What a dumb bitch. I feel bad for that kid already.


i can see that name becoming infectious...

I feel sad for the baby :(

here's hoping that she has a boy!

guess we can all assume she didn't read the rest of that billboard.

Future Prom Queen? :D

I guess you could call the child 'Clammy' or 'Dicky' as a nickname ... On second thoughts, nevermind.

Sad thing is, I knew a girl named Klamidya (pronounced Chlamydia). I wonder if she ever got a legal name change. I would've done that exactly on my 18th birthday.

@47 I had a guy in my class named Castrat...

A girl in my high school art class was named shithead, pronounced "Sha Theed"

Someone in my math class's last name is Fokanov, pronounced fuckinoff.

I went to school with an Asian girl named, no lie, Atomic Ho.

@129 LOL! and this girl is in Sydney??

I know a girl named La-a, pronounced Ladasha.

God bless "chlamydia"!

Let it all happen... She will be the ruler of FML in the future.

I read this comment to the tune of God Bless America...

What a dumb bitch. I feel bad for that kid already.

many years of bullying ahead..

Couldn't the father step in to change the name?

I'm going to assume that a stupid mom who doesn't know what chlamydia is, is single and/or doesn't know who the father is

Either that or he learned his lesson and ran long ago.

Or homeschooled and sheltered her entire life.

Dumb bitch she is. I bet she didn't even finish highschool to know what other STD's there are.

100 - homeschooled? Seriously? I take offense to that statement, but then again. Everything on here is offensive in one way or the other.

Leave that woman alone! She's done her piece.

100- ooh, a homeschooling joke! Really, not all of us are sheltered, stupid, anti-social little hobbits who's only friends are their siblings. I was homeschooled for 12 years and I turned out just fine.

Maybe you should have suggested Melena as an alternative?

Or Chocolate Beefcake, or literally anything else short of Hitler AIDS

Melena would only work if their last name was stool. GOOGLE IT, PEOPLE!

its better than "gonorrhoea" I suppose

I hope she googled it once she got home...if not, the hospital better give her a serious lecture once the baby is born.

More like scolding, clearly she didn't pay attention to the lecture of what it was the first time around.

A woman like her probably isn't smart enough to use google, let alone a computer.

Will be the most tortured child at school!

My dad told me about how a former student of his was named Placenta. That was probably pretty rough also.

I can sense a new TLC program in the works...

I sense a new trend where kids sue their parents for pain and suffering caused by terrible names. Could TLC make a show out of that? What would it be called?

A Boy Named Sue :P

"My parents gave me an STD...for a name!"

She could be named Rhea, with a nickname of Ghona or Dia

"Growing Up Chlamydia" We might just be onto something...

F that kids life. And any other kids that moron might have.

Poor baby girl! That girl is going to be teased!

Worse so if it's a baby boy!