By Elle - United States
Today, my therapist told me to write down my secrets in an envelope and symbolically burn them. My secrets included stories of my rampant sex life, drug use, a suicide attempt, and the overpowering hatred I have for my family. I've managed to misplace the envelope somewhere back home. FML
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  alliewillie  |  22

I'm sorry to say OP but you sound like a crappy person.

Perhaps your family should know that you apparently despise them and leave evidence of it lying around the house.

  AubriS  |  0

I've never understood why guys take pictures of their abs only and use them as profile pictures. obviously his face is too horrid to be included in the photo! :-/

  Sexy_Lettie  |  2

I think after working on his abs to get them to look like that he might want to show them off u know. I have pix of my abs as dps sometimes I don't see how the whole compensating thing works spesh for girls, or as your logic would have it we are compensating because we don't have penises?

  thesinginguy  |  18

it looks kinda like you glued a giant white chocolate bar to you your stomach. ahahaha! I don't get why other guys do that it just makes you seem like a douche. by the way, you can always find the douches of a school on the football team. so this is odd because this douche likes soccer. the only sport that you need skills to be in(: oh and je n'aime pas vous(:

  DASmetal  |  0


where do you get off stereotyping people who play football? and more importantly, where do you get off saying soccer is the only sport that requires skill to play? to me, you sound like one of those disgruntled kids who got told they weren't the material the team needed by the coach during tryouts one year and decided to grind an ax over it since then. get over yourself. narrow-minded, simplistic, nonsensical fools like you infest this planet and make it a horrible place to be. use your head when you say something, your mind is being wasted otherwise.

  geminiwings87  |  0

Hey Petey, you shouldn't be hitting on other guys when your bio says, "spending time with my amazing other half". just saying, I'm gay to and I would hate to know my boyfriend did that. I agree though, he is gorgeous :)

  goaliemkl123  |  8

that's not what I assumed. I figured she just lost them. dint you think that if her family had read them she would have said so. it's a pretty important part of the story

  Mewzakuro240  |  0

It greatly saddens me that my comment was moderated.
I don't really remember what if said, I think it was something about how she's making people feel bad through the course of many FML's. But it's not important anymore.

Oh well, thanks mod's, for keeping the comments Quasi-friendly :)