By Anonymous - United States - Montgomery Village
Today, my sister was crying to me about how her boyfriend never showed up for their date. He's done this many times before, so I suggested the fact that maybe he'd just ditched her. She said that was ridiculous, because "he's Canadian" and according to her, "they don't lie." FML
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  lilhellian  |  26

Hmm present tense... Lie about lying. So you never lie, but you just lied. Making that a lie, so you lie all the time. But then that would be a truth meaning you don't always lie. My brain hurts...

  drewflav  |  17

123 - We Vancouverites rarely have issues with your kind insulting yourselves, less work for us to do :) no offense intended.

OP - Canadians do lie, just like anyone else. However, your boyfriend is not representative of our general population, most of us aren't douchebags like him.

By  BeccaHugs  |  17

Take it from a Canadian: even though we are polite and helpful and love hockey and Tim Hortons and apologize for things we didn't even do, we still have some serious assholes up here. There's one in every crowd, so they say.

  BeccaHugs  |  17

#94 I'm from Alberta too so don't worry I know just what you mean haha! We have thousands of amazing people, along with a few who are a bit crazy haha.