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Today, my sister was crying to me about how her boyfriend never showed up for their date. He's done this many times before, so I suggested the fact that maybe he'd just ditched her. She said that was ridiculous, because "he's Canadian" and according to her, "they don't lie." FML
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I'm Canadian and I lie plenty of times!

Someone is naieve


Someone is naieve

I think OP's sister is in denial rather than being naive.

What are you talking aboot? You know I don't lie eh.

He probably couldn't get his dog sled through the snow from his igloo. Those Canadians are something aye?

Well if he's going by dog sled, yeah. He should be on a polar bear, much faster and more reliable. They're what all the cool kids are riding these days.

#64 "aye" should be "eh", eh? Everything else you said was spot on, but you forgot the Bacon.

It's eh and don't joke that's the leading cause of death up here

#152. I used Swype but thank you for the grammar lesson. Have a nice day.

I'm Canadian and I lie plenty of times!

I hope this isn't a lie otherwise I'm gonna be stuck in an infinite loop.

I know #2 and she just lies nonstop :)

Present tense, does that mean you're lying right now? :D

Hmm present tense... Lie about lying. So you never lie, but you just lied. Making that a lie, so you lie all the time. But then that would be a truth meaning you don't always lie. My brain hurts...

Canadians are the best liars because we are so polite, and nice no one would believe we would lie.

lying is a Toronto thing (before you down vote or respond, I should tell you I'm also in Toronto lol)

We don't lie... Unless it is necessary, which is most of the time

123 - We Vancouverites rarely have issues with your kind insulting yourselves, less work for us to do :) no offense intended. OP - Canadians do lie, just like anyone else. However, your boyfriend is not representative of our general population, most of us aren't douchebags like him.

Blame Canada! Blame Canada! With their beady little eyes and their head so full of lies

liar liar with Jim carry. I'm pretty sure he's Canadian.

xslurpyx 17

is that a lie?

I'm Canadian too, and this guy is lying, because we never lie.

I don't believe you. Liar.

Canadians are still people and can still lie.

Damian95 16

I've never lied eh...

ZeeBest86 6

Canadians aren't people, where on earth did you get that piece of information!

Probably from the same book that says all bacon tastes the same...

Canadians are people? You're one smart cookie.

Of course we can lie... on the couch, drinking beer. Oh, did you mean something else?

#42 is right! canadians are polar bears!

we canadians can't lie it's a part of our culture just like you muricans can't turn down a cheese burger

I hate that book.

ripresno 10

But not Canadians.

I'm Canadian so I would know, we never lie.

It's a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.

zen1979 16

It's true, Canadians don't lie. It's one of the immutable laws of physics

Batman lies all the time

Tough shit eh? We lie just as much as anybody. Except we say sorry a lot more too

I bet she thinks Canadian Bacon is actually bacon. She's in for a big disappointment...

What else would bacon be?

that is soo true hahaha

olpally 32

People are really this dense?? Wow, fuck both your lives.

This makes me think of the commercial where the lady says they can't put anything on the Internet what isn't true. "uh...bonjour?"

olpally 32

Haha... I made the same comment on a previous fml... :)



And according to the Internet neither do perverts and murders. I feel like your sister needs to get out more.

I'm a French super model! bonjour!

^Never less, that could be convincing and fool a lot of people. But no one cares really.

Take it from a Canadian: even though we are polite and helpful and love hockey and Tim Hortons and apologize for things we didn't even do, we still have some serious assholes up here. There's one in every crowd, so they say.

I completely agree. More than one in every crowd around my town..

T.DOT LIFE!! Lakeshoreeee

You got that right #9! I live right in central Alberta and we got 'em in spades out here. And mo I'll wait for the Albertan jokes...

#94 I'm from Alberta too so don't worry I know just what you mean haha! We have thousands of amazing people, along with a few who are a bit crazy haha.

KingCeltic77 18

If he doesn't lie, than why is she so upset? She needs to lay down the law in that relationship.

The guy who likes big butts doesn't lie either

I wonder what she thinks about the reason of her bf didn't show up, if her bf didn't lie. Abducted by aliens every time he goes to a date?

spiritfang11237 16

No, that would be silly and unbelievable. He was obviously being held for ransom by sirens.