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By  GhostFox  |  33

Sounds like you need a rule for if you ever drive her somewhere again (and that'd be a pretty big if, for that level of stupidity) that means that either her bag and makeup goes in the backseat, or she doesn't get in.

By  species4872  |  19

This is a little sus, If OP was blinded, (both eye's?), OP would have to have been looking at his sister or his sister put the mirror in front of him. Sounds like OP was too close to the car in front, was distracted, (You've got to learn to deal with distractions if you want to drive ), and has put all the blame on his sister.


If it's bright enough, you don't have to be looking at the source of bright light to be dazzled by it (eg. the sun if it's low in the sky), it just needs to be shone at your eyes. Just one eye should do because the brain can't process the very bright light and whatever is seen in the other eye - it could even create difficulty processing other stumuli and actions, such as listening, speaking and driving a car. Besides, you'd probably flinch, again affecting driving.

By  sasquatchius  |  3

How about instead of blaming your sister you own up and take responsibility? You should be leaving a 2 second plus gap at all times. Even if she on purpose blinded you for two seconds or more any sensible driver would slow to a stop. Regardless, you're the one who allowed her to have the mirror in a dangerous position, it's your fault.

There are very few accidents on the roads. The vast majority of collisions are caused by one or more drivers making avoidable mistakes.