By stink - 04/09/2010 00:11

Today, my roommate informed me that he took a bet to not shower or bathe until Christmas. The bet is for five bucks. FML
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Pay him $10 to break his bet? :)

5 bucks can buy him soap


turtlemansam 6

that's a FIRST

smdbeeach 0

maybe you can pay him 5 dollars to stop anf then take a shower together :D

green_eyes124 0

pay him $10 if it makes him shower!!! : )

the_flirtt 0

wow your friend is an idiot

C6Racer 0

Like eeveryone says, just bet him ten bucks to shower.

oh ho ho #1, touche! ;D

I doubt that it will really last until Christmas. YDI for having a dirty roommate and for wasting my time with this lame post. NEXT!

kidsanchez1 4

bet him $10 to shower

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goldhighways 0

I agree!

sounds like a personal problem of his

well, if he makes it, shopping for his Christmas gift will be easy.. BATH BOMB!

or just douce him with water when he's sleeping, maybe he'll get the point, oh and @38 nice ink.

Bet him 10 bucks that he couldn't get charged with a felony.

caliangel 0

lmao!!! Throw something sticky on him, like honey, then dirt when he's sleeping so then he has to shower haha

thanks 53! and that would be hilarious to pour water on him while he's sleeping... especially iccceee cold water! ha!

ughhh, who moderates these comments?! I didn't even say anything bad... wtf!!

good luck!! cuz that is so gross!!


punch him in the face and tell him to shower or you'll get him evicted or something

5 bucks can buy him soap

luongo95 0

5 bucks can make u a better comedian

5 bucks can buy a smelly pirate hooker

5 bucks can buy your mom.

hairt 4

5 bucks can shut all of you up :P

5 bucks will make people comment back -boo-

KingDingALing 9

Tell him that youre going to a wet t-shirt party and that there's going to be plenty of girls. Then when he goes, spray him with the hose. Now you have a clean friend, OP! Well...a partially clean one.

with 5 bucks you can get off with 87 ;)

JillianlikesVogu 0

5 bucks can buy you fast food to make you even more of a fat ass.

I swear my room it did the same thing and during spring break I kicked him in the nuts then started dropping buckets of water on him and violently shampooing him

UndiscoveredChao 0

$5 bucks? wow...just wow....

mattmalin11 0

The OP posted this 20 times, and I reported him after the first 6... but I still modded yes.

$5 isn't worth it.

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o really thanks for the update

KaylieBieber13 0

5 bucks can buy u a whore ;)

just bet him 10 bucks he can't take a shower every day

Bet him 10$ if he takes a shower now he'll be five dollars richer by Christmas

ZoroFresh 0

no pussy for either of you now

kruzito 0

yummm.... pussy

OP, give him 10 bucks. 5 for losing the bet, 5 for him! Everyone wins.

good ol fashion cola

overthelimit 3

someones desperate for cash.

Oh what's that rotting smell? Its me...

ruby84 1

whatever do something more to annoy your roomate so much that they'd break the bet

wow that sux!

That's just nasty....he's going to make himself very sick if he goes through with this.

MarchRICKYMarch 0

this he a redneck?

UndiscoveredChao 0

Kid...just because someone is a "redneck" does not mean they do this type of thing. Trust me. I'm from a small southern town.

don't get so offensive old timer.