By Ihatethisdog - / Friday 15 March 2019 22:00 /
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By  Samantha Glennie  |  23

The dog isn’t your responsibility unless you have previously agreed to help which it sounds like you haven’t, make it clear to your roommate that this isn’t acceptable and let him know that if he doesn’t sort out alternate arrangements you’ll be finding the dog a new home as this is neglect of the animal. It’s also best to do this via text/email/messenger so that if he can’t take legal action against you if you have to follow through

By  zuckerburg  |  19

the dog wasn't trained because the roommate never trained it. There ya go. Now, you can attempt to train the dog yourself and have a much better roommate than your current one OR you can give it up for adoption, get rid of all the dog stuff in the house, and when the king returns on his quest for riches, and notices the dog gone, you go "what dog?"

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