By Sous_Chef - United States
Today, my roommate came in slamming the front door. I guess he doesn't know that you can't throw hot water on frozen windows. He came up all pissed and called his insurance because he cracked the windshield. We have the same car, in the same exact color. Turns out he threw the water on mine. FML
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  LifeIsBull  |  0

Try putting ice cubes in hot chocolate or something. The ice will crack. If the windshield was frozen, which the OP says it was, then it would likely crack from hot water being thrown on it.

  LilaBear  |  1

PeliHellboy - pouring hot water on a frozen windshield will result in a hell of a lot of cracks, not just one. I was once pouring hot water down my sink and had a glass standing in the same sink. The glass wasn't even cold (let alone frozen) and the bottom cracked right off the rest of the glass from the hot water. I've also seen the bottom of test tubes get several cracks in them from being moved between something very hot and very cold too quickly.

By  perdix  |  29

Turn him into the police for vandalism. You'll have to pay for your own windshield, but the anal rape your roommate will get in jail will be worth it.