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  manilarats  |  0

Hmm, I'm just kinda tired of one-page FML comics. It seems like they are just providing one page comics so they can say that they update this section weekly. Just an observation. There's rarely a comics with dialogue, with a conversation and a cause/effect. Its only a picture telling us to deal with it. But hey, beggars can't be choosers. Thugh I still think that in general rocks.

  kNICKLES  |  0

True. That's happened in a couple illustrated fml's already. They get too complicated and you either lose interest, wind up disappointed by the lack of humor in the end, or find that it's nothing like the actual fml it's illustrating.

  sweetapples  |  0

um ur very retarded #54 cause i have 5 dogs and i do call them "its" while using them in a sentence. i dont think everyone has to try to look smart and call them " my dog" every time i need to call it something. ur very, VERY stupid for trying to prove people wrong when there trying to help someone else. please to ALL OF "US" and jump off a cliff

  ClumsyJason  |  3

Uhm, you call all pets by its. You may call your pets he or she but normally they are called it's. Number 2 does not have any typos in his sentence, it's just that fact that you never learned the word "it".

  iloveblacky  |  0

about the guy who said to not call his dog :my dog" but "it" instead is fucking retarded cuz like wtf!!!!!!
i mean he can call "his dog" wat ever he wants you retard!!!!!! my gosh!!!

  iMayFlowray  |  0

Wow are you really that stupid? People call their pets "it" about 99% most of the time you stupid dumbass. I bet you have before so shut your mouth. God and who lie about their dog getting hit by a car that's just heart breaking!

  brown4lifejot  |  1

All of you except the 2 above are all stating the same fact but in like 30 different ways. We get it, 52 made a mistake and someone corrected need to repeat.

  LightWater  |  0

What the hell? Even as a joke that makes no sense.

Lions regularly kill and eat the cubs of the old pride leader, then shag the female lions... So are you suggesting that we should legalise infant cannabalism and rape?

  FlagrantNE0  |  0

You need to do a little more research on why the new pride leader does this before you try to relate it to human behavior.

Most, if not all of the cubs in the pride are born from the pride leader. The pride leader is the strongest lion, evolutionarily you'll want the strongest traits to be passed through to the next generation. If another lion were to kill the pride leader or take its place, the cubs no longer have the genetic traits of the strongest pride leader, which is why they are killed and the pride leader mates with the females in the pride so that his traits are now passed to the next generation.

Now if you relate this to humans...there would be no reason seeing as how we live in a democratic society, not a dictatorial :P.

  tiancai  |  0

Seriously, what if the bird had bird flu, and now the virus is going to mutate and infect the dog. Then the OP will get infected by this new "dog flu" and spread it to other people. As if the swine flu epidemic wasn't enough...

  FarSide  |  22

True, but only if OP has sex with the dog. I mean, what are the chances.... of, errrrr, uhhhh, ummmm...... maybe someone should call the CDC about this.