By Anonymous - 22/03/2009 13:04 - Malta

Today, my parents were out so I invited my girlfriend over. It was the afternoon, and things started to heat up. We were having sex, and I was about to finish. Then I looked through the window, to see a construction worker (who was fixing the house next to mine) giving me a thumbs up. He's her dad. FML
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MistAtMarseilles 0

awesome dad

at least the family is supportive did he give you any pointers? haha


MistAtMarseilles 0

awesome dad

YDI because her dad was working on your house and you still invited her over

The dad was actually giving you a thumbs up, because he nailed her also!!! :-/

kashman95 1

I doubt he knew it was his daughter

rymadness 0

if u read correctly you'll see thathe was working on the house next door. not op's. stupid.

well you obviously have his approval!

thats pretty awesome, kinda creepy though

Herropreez17 0

On the bright side he didn't go on a rampage like some overly protective dads.

that's not even close to an fml that's something to be proud of

Also a very strange dad.

at least the family is supportive did he give you any pointers? haha

Put some back into it, son.

haha! does she know?

paternal approval FTW. this is not an FML by any means.

Adrian66_fml 0

That's what I was thinking. Better he gives you a thumbs up than be pointing a 12-gauge at you.

double barrel or bolt action rifle We do it redneck style

Lol considering he was watching his daughter do it ...

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Root123 0

Why don't you fuck with the blinds closed and the lights off like normal people?

hamster_10 2

cos the people we're fucking don't want to pretend their fucking someone else so don't mind seeing our faces

oh man. O__O;;;;; how weird is that

Meow34 0

At least he approved of you guys having sex ;)

Hmmm...what are the odds lol You should have given him a thumbs up as well. Maybe hold up a sign that says "I'm doing your daughter"

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