By Pain - United States - Andover
Today, my parents "suggested" I help them move house. I didn't realize that meant I would be carrying every stick of furniture out of their house. The muscles in my arms are so tight now that I can't straighten them. I can't wait to help them unpack tomorrow. FML
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You're right that he owes them nothing for being brought into the world... If that's where they stopped, but if they put a lot of time and energy into raising him properly. Buying gifts for his birthday and Christmas, helping with homework and teaching him not to be afraid of monsters in the closet, and were actually good parents then he owes them a LOT

  DoomedGemini  |  37

No, that is also called being a parent. You chose to have the child, they didn't ask you to be born. You chose to accept the responsibilities by having and keeping the child. They don't owe you anything. I help out of love, not out of obligation. If my parents expected me to pay them back after I was grown for being a parent they wouldn't get shit from me.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Parents choose to have children, they are choosing to take everything that comes with that. You should help out when you can, but because of love and kindness just like anyone else you help and because many parents give children more than necessities. Chores are a bit different, though. The point is you don't owe your parents for them choosing to become a parent.


A child doesn't ask to be born and isn't automatically indebted to their parents. A parent however has a responsibility to their kids because they made a decision to have them/raise them. For example, my dad raised me but he was emotionally negligent, spent money on his friends and buying his own things rather than investing in my hobbies and even made us go without cable, hot water, and proper clothes for a very long time, then beat me up and kicked me out without clothes so I had to spend my money on rent and groceries instead of college, because I had a boyfriend. Now he leeches off my older brother and sister because he refuses to get a proper job and my siblings keep telling me to help because "it is my duty." It really isn't. Parents don't automatically deserve to be paid back. Even if they did provide for you for your early years.

I don't mean this is the case for OP. This is just a direct reply to this comment. I hate the idea that parents are owed by their children no matter what just because they gave you life.

By  cakester123  |  11

wow.. why dont you just say no and say you have done enough? Because they are totally taking advantage of you and thats not fair at all. Or they atleast pay you for all of your hard work

By  MamaChey  |  22

Evidently, the magic age of the commenters for no longer being self-absorbed along with the feeling entitlement is 20 years old. It floors me that most of the selfish, bratty posts are coming from teenagers who still live under Mom and Dad's roof. I'll bet at least one of you are viewing FML on a mobile device or system that your parents bought for you

Good job, OP for helping out.